Importance of Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Supply and demand, Business Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: January 17, 2012
. Importance of Marketing

1. Satisfies Human Wants: Marketing plays an important role in the satisfaction of human wants by maintaining regular supply of goods to consumers. It provides better life and welfare to people by satisfying their wants and also by providing useful goods and services which can make their life happy and enjoyable. 2. Provides profit and goodwill to marketing enterprises: Marketing is important to marketing firms as they earn profit by conducting marketing activities. Marketing enables a firm to expand business activities for market reputation and goodwill. The firm can achieve its objectives through successful conduct of marketing activities. Even new product can be introduced for consumer satisfaction and sales promotion. 3. Facilitates specialization and division of labour: Marketing function, if performed successfully, leads to specialization, division of labour and efficient performance of production function climaxing in economic stability. 4. Widens markets: Marketing facilitates widening of markets through large scale movement of goods throughout the country. Even advertising and sales promotion techniques are useful for widening markets. They provide convenience to consumers and profit to traders. 5. Improves the standard of living of the society: Continuous production improves the skill of the workers. In addition, marketing process provides new varieties of quality goods to customers. It facilitates production as per the needs of consumers and supplies such production to consumers. This raises the standard of living of the people. It is the marketing which has converted "Yesterday's luxuries into today's necessaries". 6. Facilitates economic growth: Marketing brings industrial/economic growth. It facilitates full utilisation of available natural resources. Marketing creates new demand for goods and thereby encourages production activities. This leads to the creation of massive employment opportunities. Thus,...
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