Implication of Total Quality Management (Tqm) in Motorola Industry

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Implication of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Motorola industry

Total Quality Management: Motorola Quality System Review or QSR Introduction
            Total quality management is considered as a management approach that was first used during the 1950’s and has become popular during the early of 1980’s. Total quality is considered as a total description of the culture, attitude as well as the organization of the company that is in focus of providing their customers with their productsor services that will meet the demands and preferences of their customers. Furthermore, the culture requires quality in all aspects of the company’s operations, with the different processes that are being done right the first time and defects as well as the waste eradicated from the different operations (Hashmi 2008).             TQM is a method that is used where in the management as well as the employees are all involved in their continuous improvement of the production of goods as well as services. It can also be considered as the combination of quality as well as the different management tools that focus at the increasing the growth of the business as well as reducing the losses that was caused by different unimportant or useless practices (Hashmi 2008).             Motorola is only one of many companies that apply the principle of TQM in their organizational culture. Motorola Inc focuses on their sales victory in the global market in the industry of electronic components as well as equipment. The company is doing it by improving the quality of their products by improving their productivity and overall performance (Baldrige National Quality Program 2002).             During 1981, the company had launched their ambitious project that drives for a tenfold of improvement in the quality of their products as well as their services. The said project had been successful; the evidence is that most of the products of the company are considered as number one or the best in their class. The company is still striving for the best and looking forward to target their goal of Zero defects in everything we do (Baldrige National Quality Program 2002).             With accordance to the said project, the managers of the said company are also literally carrying the corporate objective of the company and that is the total customer satisfaction. They are wearing a pocket that has a printed card that states the said objective. Furthermore, those upper management officials are also open in serving their customers by wearing pagers in order for them to be available to their customers. Furthermore, they are also visiting the different businesses of their customers in order to conduct a survey that will let the company know about their customers’ likes as well as dislikes towards their products (Baldrige National Quality Program 2002).             Above all, the company is also implementing a system that handles the information and data that have been gathered using the all-embracing network of the customer surveys, complaint hotlines, filed audits as well as other significant measures about the feedback of the customers, together with the guidelines in planning for the quality improvement and development of the product (Baldrige National Quality Program 2002).  

Quality-Assessment Systems
            In order to evaluate as well as improve the quality-system maturity of any organization, there are many quality-assessment systems, quality-audit systems as well as international, local as well as military standards that vary in level of scope, depth and the purpose (Craig 1996, p. 730).             Maturity models are commonly a subset of an assessment system that is designed in order to assist as well as to test for the maturity of a specific element that is included in quality model. If you are going to look at the element-by-element basis, the approach of the organization to an element that is being reviewed for the strategic linkage, depth as well as...
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