Motorola Corporation: a History of Quality Management

Topics: Management, Quality management, Supply chain management Pages: 8 (2832 words) Published: December 31, 2011
Ivan Ortiz
GM 588 Managing Quality
Instructor Robert Lee
August, 2011
Keller School of Management

The Motorola Corporation was founded in 1928 when its’ Owners Paul and Joseph Galvin decided to start a business in the area of battery storage. Paul was interested in improving on the technological advances that had taken place to date in that field. As a result, his motivation and hard work allowed investments to be made in the manufacturing industry toward the promotion of that product. The first device made and marketed by the company was a power converter designed to allow battery-powered radios to run on household electricity. Afterwards, and learning on the successes of their product the first production car radio was successfully designed and marketed toward the consumer during the 1930’s. Then, as a result of business savvy operations and an intelligent staff Motorola Corporation continued on its quest for technological innovations for the succeeding eight decades. In fact, the public company rose to become a pioneer in the electronics communications market. The group currently is a publicly traded communications company which employs 120,000 workers and its total revenues are $17 billion. Its’ core products include integrated circuits and cell phones worldwide. Motorola Corporation continues to be committed to sound ethical standards through their supply chains awhile improving social and environmental conditions in the electronics industry, at the same time maintaining the superior quality of products. Problem Statement

For many years, Motorola Corporation has held a tradition of performing top quality work in the electronics market. Its reputation for great customer service, technological advances, and continuing education for its workforce has resulted in acceptance of numerous awards from the electronics industry, including the Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality. In fact, the company has invested heavily on a revolutionary quality management system named Six Sigma. It is designed to promote precision and predictability when business issues arise and cannot be handled otherwise. How important is quality to the long-term effects of company operations? Can it be an underlying philosophy that summarizes the corporate strategic business plan? The basic framework of customer satisfaction is as important to Motorola as continuous quality improvements. As such, the paradigm created an exhibit that as quality improves cost decreases. That is because there is less rework that has to be accomplished which decreases production costs and places the company on a much higher competitive plane. In addition, the managerial teams are trained to identify the different perceptions of their environments. Therefore, they will research more about the capabilities of Motorola competitors and learn why and how the products and services provided function as they do. As a result, the corporation had profited so much money since its inception that by 2005 their net revenues rose to $36 billion. Unfortunately, recent confirmation has developed suggesting to the company’s oversight in not proving a ‘zero defects’ policy for suppliers’ quality procedures with respect to domestic and or international operations. As a result, numerous site audits have been performed in order to provide an assessment for accuracy of actual conditions. These major internal and external quality control failures (domestic and international) are a costly estimate in order to remedy. In 2004, the Motorola Corporation invested $2.1 billion in supplier diversity initiatives. As a result, this study proposes the execution of an effective Supplier Quality Assurance agenda to facilitate and minimize supplier management accountability and responsibility issues. Literature Review

What type of management initiatives and policies must be set in place for...
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