Implementing Disney in Germany

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Executive Summary

Since deciding to establish a theme park in Germany, Disney understands there are various challenges they may face. They are aware that values and norms vary across the globe and issues may arise surrounding cultural differences. Disney wishes to maintain the company’s corporate values while being able to adjust to customer and employee expectations in order to maintain satisfaction. It is imperative that Disney has the appropriate information to effectively execute a successful expansion into the country.

To avoid any problematic situations Disney has identified the need for an analysis on Germany’s best practices regarding topics related to the managing of a theme park. The report to follow shows extensive examination into location selection, dining in Germany, the country’s tastes and habits, communication practices, recruitment and selection, leading and motivating and the expatriate lifestyle.

Munich has been selected as the location for various different reasons, the characteristics of the city give Disney the best possible set up for the theme park, allowing for a sustainable and lucrative future. Munich’s location allows easy accessibility from surrounding countries as well as it being a key transportation hub within the country.

Dining practices are one of the most obvious cultural differences from Germany to the United States, and Disney must be able to replicate what is common within the country, within their park. Examination has shown snacks such as Bavarian pretzels and meals containing sausages should be available throughout the park. Furthermore Disney should be aware of the beer culture in Germany and the Munich area, they should accommodate these tastes to best appeal towards the German market.

Research into tastes and habits has identified Germany being made up of a combination of varying demographics. On the whole the country values regime and punctuality, they are not recognised for being open and personal when expressing feelings. This is also visible when analysing the country’s communication practices, which also explains how the country is technologically advanced and Disney should incorporate new advertising methods when communicating with their target market.

When examining human resource management in Germany, a key feature apparent is the high level of discipline and order, this can be a benefit to Disney as they demand a high standard of work from all cast members and other employees. However Disney needs to show their commitment to Germany by running initiatives similar to what was accomplished with their partnerships with the French education system. Similar to this is the motivation and leadership values in Germany. The country strives to achieve high goals while putting an importance on avoiding risk. Disney can adapt their current employee packages to appeal best to the German workforce, which will ultimately assist in motivation.

Expanding into Germany shows great potential for Disney, however they need to be prepared to face cultural challenges and have the plans thought out to overcome issues. Due to the consumer ethnocentrism in the German market Disney will have to culturally accommodate the country and it’s differences in order to succeed.  

Munich Location
Germany is one of the world’s most industrialized and modern countries. It possess some of the world’s most advanced technology and infrastructure, creating a connected, advanced, and efficient country. While possessing such modern characteristics, Germany simultaneously has deep historical roots that help define and tie the country to its past. Nowhere is such juxtaposition apparent as with the city of Munich, who’s roots date back to 1158. Munich is home to the headquarters or operations of the top international technology and financial corporations such as Dell, Toshiba, BMW, Intel, Microsoft, and Allianz. As a result Munich is home to many expatriates who are drawn to the city...
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