Euso Disney Stakeholders

Topics: Disneyland Paris, Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park Pages: 4 (859 words) Published: December 4, 2010
Euro Disney S.C.A

Euro Disney S.C.A is a French public company that owns the well-known Euro Disneyland Paris. I have chosen to study this company because it was the subject of many controversies .The French society considers that by encouraging the American brand ``Walt Disney`` will unfortunately lead to `cultural imperialism`. French media and labor unions mounted protests against ``Walt Disney`` because the American managers tried to enforce specific rules without taking into consideration cultural differences. A journalist in the French newspaper ``Le Figaro`` wrote, “I wish with all my heart that the rebels would set fire to Euro Disneyland."[i] It is not easy at all to import a brand especially when USA and France have different cultural and economical backgrounds, codes, regulations and laws. I find it challenging to understand how Euro Disney S.C.A succeeded to pursue its goal and what assurances they gave to its stakeholders as the environment becomes more and more volatile.

When we think about the concept of ``stakeholders`` we take into account everybody that has an interest (or `stake`) in the business. Stakeholder’s engagement is essential for every successful organization so Euro Disney focused on being transparent so that its stakeholders clearly understand its intentions. Working together with stakeholders will bring added value to the organization and this is the best alternative to understand what are the stakeholders` expectations and how the organization can meet his expectations by giving assurances.

Being transparent and keeping a close relation with its stakeholders will always help Euro Disney to identify and prioritize the opportunities and risks.

Euro Disney’s main goal is to make profit in order to reward its shareholders for the risk they took when investing in the business. The organization has to cooperate and engage not only with shareholders but with all stakeholders .There is impossible to...
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