Disney Asia

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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1- What cultural challenges are posed by Disney’s expansion into Asia? How are these different from those in Europe?
With its large population, and low number of theme parks, Asia is an attractive location for Disney. Already, the company has been successful in Tokyo. While its park in Hong Kong has been less profitable, the company believes that further expansion into the region is worthwhile. However, the company faces a number of cultural challenges that must be overcome. Certainly language poses a problem for the company. At Hong Kong Disneyland, the company has chosen to be trilingual for example. In addition to dealing with language differences, Disney must also tailor other components to meet the local needs. The Hong Kong location includes more covered space to allow people to enjoy the park without dealing with the region’s rainy weather, special gardens for picture taking that appeal to the preferences of tourists visiting the park have been created, and the menu has been adapted to local preferences. Plans for the Shanghai location will incorporate Chinese cultural features as well as more traditional Disney themes. 2- How do cultural variables influence the location choice of theme parks around the world? Disney’s parks first and foremost promote Disney characters and themes. Visitors to the parks want to experience the Magical Kingdom. In Asia, Disney has encouraged acceptance and desire for all things Disney by exposing the population to its characters, films, and other products over time. This type of strategy facilitates the company’s efforts to then market its theme parks and reduces the need to customize its products and services. Disney does adapt some aspects of its park to meet the needs of locals, but is committed to standardizing other elements across cultures. 3- What location would you recommend for Disney’s next theme park in Asia? Why? Disney could consider exploring the potential in Singapore....