Impact of Use of Technology on Management Education

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Purpose of the Report
The purpose of this report is to analyze the impact of technology on management education at the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) and to study how the increasing use of technology affects students in their education. A questionnaire survey was conducted to learn about students’ outlook towards the increasing use of technology in the course of their education. The survey functioned as an aid to analyze the extent to which technology affects students in the course of their education: not only as a medium of instruction but also as a facilitator in further learning on their own. A total of 31 students responded to the survey. Since the survey included only management students at GIM, it cannot be generalized and extended to other forms of education or to other institutes.

Impact of use of Technology on Management Education at GIM
All the respondents to the survey possess a personal laptop and a cell phone. Some of the students possess a personal desktop computer and some possess a Smart Phone as well. The study shows that the students on an average spend about 6-10 hours per week on creating spreadsheets, presentations, etc. All the participants strongly agreed to the fact that they primarily used technology to improve the presentation of their work. However, there were conflicting responses regarding the fact that the participants’ use of technology enhanced the opportunities to effectively communicate with the instructors. The results of the study show that most of them prefer using moderate to extensively high level of technology in their course and agree that use of technology in the course makes them more engaged in their work.  

Technology is evolving at an astonishing rate. It has dramatically changed the ways we work, learn, interact, and spend our leisure time. Computers and information technologies have visibly revolutionized nearly every aspect of daily life -...
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