Impact of the Internet on the Morals of Young People

Topics: Internet, Morality, Sociology Pages: 6 (1911 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Impact of internet on the morals of young people

Name:William Alberts
Course: WRTG 101
Instructor: Barbara A Scrupski
Date: April 27, 2013

Impact of internet on the morals of young people


The Internet is the latest form of technology that has advanced and now become an integral part of a person’s life. Technology has enabled people to transact their business and even communicate through the Internet. Information on a subject imaginable can be accessed within seconds from the Internet. This technology connects all parts of the world and makes it a global village. People communicate in real time regardless of their place or location. The milestones that have come with Internet are insurmountable (Leung & Paul, 2012, p. 403). However, even with the many positives that Internet has brought, it has contributed to the decay of young peoples values across the world.


Morals refer to the behaviors or the conduct of a person (Osswald, et al 2010, p. 1078). The morals of people are measured through their behaviors and actions towards others. It is also illustrated through the thinking of the person. Human beings can have good or bad morals and the society has defined the thresholds of what good and what bad morals are. For instance, showing disrespect to other people and engaging in behaviors such as stealing is immoral, and society distances and denounces such behaviors. While behaviors such as dignity, honest, and faithfulness in marriage is viewed as good behaviors, and people that exhibit such are considered to be moral.


The Internet is a platform that allows people to connect to the larger world from remote locations on any island or in any African jungle. It includes inter-connected networks that function through satellites. People are therefore, able to access and share information through the World Wide Web, the Internet has turned the world into global village and changed the way people relate and perform their daily activities.

Even though the Internet is cited to have impacted positively on the life of many, it has also contributed to the decay and loss of morals among many youths. Youths are one of the active audiences that use Internet in their day-to-day lives. They spend most of their time chatting, playing games and doing all sorts of other things on the Internet. Studies have also revealed that, most young people use the Internet for social purposes and for leisure (Jackson et al 2004, p. 43). This heavy use of the Internet comes at the cost; with its own ramification. The fact that, Internet has lots of information, many young people use it to access information that is not supposed to be accessed by them. Much of information is meant for mature audiences, not for children. The web sites often visited and misused include pornographically sites and sites related to relationships and sex (Albright, 2008, p. 175). This early access to adult information contributes to their moral decay.

The fact that the Internet has no restrictions on accessibility of certain types of information, it has exposed many young people to bad content and ideas, which may impact negatively on their cognitive. Even though, countries such as China have been at the forefront in trying to regulate the content and internet use for its citizens, however there efforts have failed and the country has received a lot of complaints to be subjugating the freedom of free expression and accessibility to information. There are contents on the Internet that needs to be regulated and restricted to certain people to ensure that the minds of young people are not corrupted (Corstjens & Umblijs, 2012, p. 443). This can only be achieved if the government and all stakeholders join hands and work toward finding an amicable solution that will help to curb this problem. Many countries have not implemented laws on Internet use, owing...
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