The Relationship Between Law and Morals

Topics: Morality, Religion, Moral Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: October 2, 2008
Before going ahead to give my opinion on what Bidemi asserted Bisi about what laws and morals are, what are laws and morals? L.B Curzon explained laws as generally regarded as a body of rules and regulations to order human behavior and relationships which are enforced by an authorized system and which are accepted by the political society which it affects. Morals on the other hand as defined in the Encarta dictionary are principles on the standard of human conducts. Morals or morality is concerned with right or wrong or good and bad behavior in human societies. Now that we are clear on what laws and morals are I can clearly argue on whether Bidemi’s assertion is correct or not. Bidemi’s assertion that laws and morals are interwoven and inseparable is not far-fetched. Below are the points backing up this assertion •Laws are derived from morals since they are the final stage of the development of the morals of a people. •All laws are part of the morals of a political society because of the acceptance of such laws made by that same society. •Disobedience of any laws or morals will attract a certain level of punishment or detrimental consequences to the affected individual no matter how slight. Although punishment by morals may pass unnoticed. •Both laws and morals are programmed to aid in the growth and development of the conduct and relationships of people in society. However, I stand to prefer Bisi’s defense to the contrary that laws and morals to an extent are different from each other. Here are the reasons in my opinion. •Laws are written down while morals are not written down. Laws can be found in the constitution of a country while morals are imbibed through acculturation. •All morals are laws but not all morals are laws. There is a distinction between what is thought to be a moral and a law because whatever is not written down cannot be called a law. Therefore, a behavior which is not morally acceptable but...
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