Whether the Internet Negatively Effect on Teenagers

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Whether the Internet negatively effect on teenagers
Eric, my 12-year-old nephew, turns on the internet on his computer as soon as he comes back home every day. He checks his homework by computer, clicks on Facbook to connect with his classmates, watches TV on You Tube, and reads books on Ipad. Teenagers have grown up with the Internet developing so that they are used to doing almost everything by means of the Internet. They can make friends from different countries, such as French, Australia, on Facebook, purchase clothes and shoes on Amazon at home, search new terminologies by google picture, and watch missed TV shows on You Tube. The Internet does expands teenagers' social circles, connects each other more frequently, and searches information conveniently and effectively. However, more and more parents begin to limit their children using the Internet. Because of using the Internet a lot, many negative consequences of that may appear on our teenagers, such as poor social skills, fewer real friends, hard concentration and superficial thought.

The first point is that teenagers are poor social skills. Using Internet a lot makes teenagers hard to raise their communication skills, because they get used to little sips, that are abbreviations of words and widely used in online chat, such as "asap" standing for "as soon as possible", but abbreviations cannot be worked in a real talk. In Turkle's speech (2012), she answered "no" to a question, "whether little sips can be add up to one big gulp of real conversation?", raised by Stephen Colbert,an American political satirist, writer, television host, and actor. That is to say, little sips young people used in online communication cannot work for making conversations with others. It is true. When we make a real conversations, we need to say the whole words because little sips are meaningless and may confuse listeners. However, young people are more likely to use those little sips so that they feel difficult in a real...
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