Impact of Sales Promotion on Sales Volume, in Unilever (Nig.) Plc

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Impact of sales promotion on sales volume, in UNILEVER (Nig.) PLC


For years, most companies concentrated their promotional functions through the use of sales promotions through mass media advertising. In almost all aspects of marketing communication, companies depend on expertise of advertising agencies. Although, most marketers have already introduced and used other marketing communication and promotional tools, package design firms, direct marketing agencies and sales promotion were generally considered as supplementary services and were only used on specific projects. Agencies on public relations were employed to handle the affairs, publicity and image of a company to the targeted public. However, these services were not regarded as vital processes in marketing communication. Traditionally, marketing practices were founded within strong barriers wherein various functions on marketing and promotion are planned and managed separately, with specific market views, budgets, goals and objectives. During this time, marketers failed to realize the importance of coordinating all marketing tools in order to enhance communication and image to target markets (Moore and Thorson, 1996).

By 1980s, several organizations have understood and realized the effective strategy behind the integration of various promotional tools. Later, this marketing approach was termed as the integrated marketing communications or IMC. This involves the incorporation of different promotional elements and marketing activities used in communicating with the company’s clients (Moore and Thorson, 1996). A significant transition on marketing approach occurred as marketers were no longer concentrated on solely using media advertising for marketing. Moreover, several companies began to go beyond conventional practice and used other promotional specialists to improve and implement their market plans.

Benefits on Sales Volume in Unilever

One of the companies operating in Nigeria is Unilever. The company provides different range of products. In order to gain customer response and large sales volume, the company has been able to use sales promotionm. Advertising or promoting a particular product can be done in multiple ways. Depending on the target market, the product being endorsed and the budget the company can allocate, advertising strategies are almost limitless. Through proper planning, design and execution, advertising can effectively draw customer response, which could either be positive or negative. One of the conventional strategies of drawing out customer response out of advertising is by incorporating humor. Though the effect of humor on overall customer response remains unclear, commercial designers tend to integrate this aspect due to its capability to cause reaction, such as amusement. The main idea of putting humor in advertisements is to enable retention among consumers and enhance product appeal.The use of 3D advertising promotes online virtual experiences which generally enhances product value. The interactive aspect of this approach encourages consumers to go into an active shopping experience, which in turn increases interested consumers (Biocca, Daugherty and Li, 2002). The use of technology then draws out customer response through the added visual and interactive aspects. This particular approach can actually be applied to Thornton Fencing’s official website. Considering its vast product line, 3D advertising can enhance the browsing experience of online visitors, ultimately leading to more and better customer responses. Sales promotion is another current trend in advertising. Establishing business home pages for offering goods and services require relatively minor costs; thus, this approach is attractive and practical for both merchants and new business entrants. Theoretically, anyone who has access to the internet can visit the company website and enter the market. Aside from broadened market access, the...
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