Impact of Online Grading Systems

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Teachers‟ Perceptions of the Impact of Online Grading Systems

_____________________ A dissertation presented to the faculty of the Department of Educational Leadership Policy and Analysis East Tennessee State University In partial fulfillment

of the requirements for the degree

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership _____________________ by


Brenda Mize August 2011

_____________________ Dr. Eric Glover, Chair Dr. Don Good Dr. Virginia Foley Dr. Elizabeth Ralston

Keywords: Parental Involvement, Technology, Gradebook



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ABSTRACT Teachers‟ Perceptions of the Impact of Online Grading Systems by Brenda Mize This study examined the effects of the communication aspect of using an online grading program. This study explored teachers‟ perceptions of the implications of allowing the grading process to become transparent to parents. The purpose of this study was to assist teachers in searching for ways to create a positive parent-teacher relationship. A positive

available to parents on a daily basis, they will have access to specifics about the academic performance of their child. Parents and teachers will be able to communicate with each other on a regular basis with the use of an online grading program. In-depth interviews of 10 middle school teachers were conducted using an interview guide. The interviews were then transcribed and coded by the researcher. The researcher found that teachers spoke positively regarding many of the features of Engrade, an online grade book. The teachers benefited from the convenience of communication with parents and students. The perceived primary result of Engrade is viewed as a positive by teachers because parents can communicate with the teachers about their children, and that, hopefully, allows them to be more involved in their child‟s academics. Further research opportunities are available in that the perceived implications of implementing an online grade book need to be evaluated from the perspective of parents and students.




and constructive parent-teacher relationship is helpful to the student. If grades are made

DEDICATION This study is dedicated to my family members, a close friend, and one professor. I am exceedingly thankful to my husband Kevin for encouraging me to continue working. He has taken on extra responsibilities for many years so that I could work uninterrupted. I could not have completed my degree without the encouragement and assistance of my husband. He is the most patient person I know. I would also like to dedicate my work to my two young children. They have also been most patient with me as I worked long hours on my research. I am looking forward to many play sessions in the future.

Mandy and I have been working closely together for the past 3 years as we attempt to meet all of the requirements for an Ed.D. Every time I became disheartened and thought I could not finish, Mandy offered a much needed push forward.

I would like to thank Dr. Glover for his endless patience as I struggled to make sense out of what I wanted to say. I always knew what it was I wanted to say, but I did not always know how to say it. Dr. Glover offered just the right words of direction at just the right time. Dr. Glover was always a calming influence when I needed it most. It seemed like we were...
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