Impact of Islam

Topics: Islam, Delhi, India Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Topic: Cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam on South and Southeast Asia between 1000CE and 1750 CE. Situation at Beginning of Era
|Invading Turkish conquerors had brutal and oppressive|Art and culture in South and Southeast Asia was | | |reigns over non-Muslims, destroying Hindu and |predominantly unaffected by Islam in terms of style | | |Buddhist temples, kidnapping women, and crushing any |of architecture and language. | | |resistance (12th century) | | |

Reasons for Change
|The Muslim rulers, with the desire to appease |As Islam was introduced by merchants, and sufis, they|Striving to end social tensions, Akbar removed the | |non-Muslim populations, generally softened their |brought with them Muslim culture, and built Mosques |tax put on non-Muslims and married a Hindu Rajput | |reigns over their peoples(14th Century) |and Islamic learning centers |princess |

Situation at End of Era
|Continuities |Changes | |Islamic female leaders continued to be disapproved of and overthrown, all over|The relationships between Muslim leaders and their non-Islamic subjects changed | |South and Southeast Asia |drastically in the time of the Delhi Sultanate. | | |...
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