Religious Discrimination in the Work Place

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Religious Discrimination in the Work Place |
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A serious look at religious discrimination in the work place, and possible solutions.|

Religious Discrimination in the Work Place
Thesis Statement: The First Amendment gives all American the freedom of religion, expression and speech. However, in today’s post 9-11 society Muslims are experiencing an incredible increase in discrimination. Contents:

My story
Purpose and Scope
A. definitions
B. Introduction to some Islamic Practices
C. Examples of discrimination
A. Statistics
B. Anti-discrimination act
Adaptation of Policies and Accommodations


In 2006, I was looking for a job. I saw an ad in our local paper for a Lead Teacher position in a child care center just a few miles from my home, so I faxed over my resume. A couple hours later, the Director called me. She was very impressed with my education and experience. My availability seemed to match her needs exactly. She asked me if I could come in this afternoon for an interview because she wanted me to start on Monday and she needed me to take my drug test and physical before the clinic closed at 5. We arranged to meet at 2:30pm. I came right from Friday prayers (Jumna). Although I had a long skirt and blouse on I also had my Hijab on. Normally, I don’t wear it on interviews, but if I took it off now, my hair would be out of control. Not the best look for an interview. When I arrived, the assistant greeted me. She shoved me into an overcrowded office and she left the room for a moment. When she returned she explained that the director had already left for the day. She gave me my application and told me to call on Monday. I nodded politely and left. It took me several days to get in touch with the director. (I think she got tired of me calling her three times a day.) When she finally did answer my call, she explained to me that she felt I “Wouldn’t be a good fit” with her other staff. This is a prime example of the discrimination that Muslim women face everyday. It can be hurtful and humiliating. For many people, it’s just a fact of life.

Purpose and Scope
The Oxford American Desk Dictionary, defines discrimination as “treat unfavorably especially on the basis of race, color or sex.” Word net 3.0 defines Islamophobia as “prejudice against Muslims.” According to, a Muslim is “an adherent of Islam.” Many Muslim women are easy targets for discrimination because traditionally they wear a head scarf called a hijab. “The headscarf is an outer manifestation of an inner commitment to worshipping Allah – it symbolizes a commitment to piety.” (Whyislam) Types of discrimination experienced by Muslim women may include: * Sexual Harassment (Hathout.1)

* Asked by employers to remove hijab
* Told over phone to come and fill out an application, but once there (wearing Hijab) told the position has been filled * Applied for job not wearing hijab, and was hired. When she showed up for work with hijab, was told her position was no longer available * Verbal harassment

* Harassment and yelling from supervisor
* Physical Abuse,
* Given backroom job instead of sales or customer service. * Told by employer she would only be hired if she removed her hijab * Told by employment agency she should change her name
The American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee (ADC) has a lengthy list of insistence that have occur to both men and women that include: * Slander and ethnic slurs
* Termination
* Harassment
* Verbal threats
* Physical threats

There are over a Billion Muslims in the world today. (IONA) Over 6 million people in America practice Islam and that number is raising everyday. (Khan) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it...
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