Religious Discrimination in the United States

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  • Published : October 10, 2013
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Religious Discrimination in The United States
Our planet has been filled with cases of discrimination throughout history, whether it be because of origin, race, or religion. Many think of discrimination as a horrible thing that people should not to, but sadly most of us still discriminate. Discrimination can sometimes lead to horrible things, as seen in Germany, where death and despair reaps many who were discriminated against because they were different. Another example of discrimination is when Spain tortured many poor innocent people because they did not want to convert to their religion, which was called the Spanish Inquisition. In America black men and women, just like us, were forced to be set to a lower standard of living that white men and women, just because of the color of their skin.

Now in America people of the Islamic faith are being discriminated by some individuals. Although the people of the Islamic faith are not getting killed in America, imagine yourself being looked down upon by others you don’t even know just for believing in your own faith, imagine people whispering behind your back because of your beliefs, and imagine people giving you odd looks just because of your own personal choice. Discrimination is wrong and unjust and there is no reason for it.

A vast majority of the population of the United States are of the Christian faith, which can make it difficult for many people to see real examples of other religions. America must educate themselves if we ever plan to have a nation of equals. We must strive for equality if we want to advance this nation. Each and every person should look inside themselves and ask “is it really so wrong to be of a different faith such as Islam” and “how would you feel if it was you, or your mother, or your father, or your grandmother, or your grandfather who was being discriminated against?” When some people of America think of Islam they use words like “extremist” but in real life most people of...