Chapter 15

Topics: Middle Ages, Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan Pages: 6 (1019 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Chapter 8
|1. |Explain the way Islam began to fragment along three separate paths. What were these paths, and how were their beliefs different?|

|2. |Explain how Islam was able to spread from Spain to India in a relatively short amount of time, dominating a wide range of | | |territories and societies. |

|3. |Describe the evolution of Islamic civilization. What was its effect on Europe? |

|4. |What does the chapter reveal about the status of Muslim women? Compare their status with the status of women in other parts of | | |the world at that time. |

Chapter 9
|5. |How did the decline of the Byzantine Empire correlate with the growth in the power and prestige of the Holy Roman Empire in | | |western Europe? |

|6. |Describe the political and economic transformation of Western Europe after the decline of Rome. How did the organization of | | |Medieval European societies differ from that of Rome at its height? |

|7. |Describe life in feudal society in the period from 600 to 1200. Include various economic, gender, and social groups in your | | |answer. |

|8. |Discuss the internal and external threats facing the Christian church between 600 and 1200. |

|9. |Describe the process by which Vladimir I chose Orthodox Christianity for Kievan Russia. |

|10. |What were the significant technological developments in the Late Middle Ages, and how were they responsible for expanding the | | |European economy? |

|11. |What was the religious and secular importance of monasticism in western Christendom between 600 and 1200? |

|12. |What were the causes and consequences of the Crusades? |

Chapter 10
|1. |Market roads, long-distance roads, the Grand Canal, and caravan and sea routes all had important functions under the Sui and Tang. How was | | |the city of Chang'an a key component of this network of transportation? |

|2. |What role did the adherence to Mahayana Buddhism play in the Tang era? |

|3. |Describe how the Tang Empire blended Chinese and Turkish elements to create what the chapter calls a “cosmopolitan world.” |

|4. |What was the importance of Confucianism in East Asia, and why was it so readily adopted in East Asia but not so well in Inner Asia? |

|5. |Discuss the economic growth of China during the Tang era. |

|6. |What were some of the most important aspects of the Song technological explosion? How was the technological explosion shared with people? |

Chapter 11
|7. |As Mesoamerican populations grew, political institutions gained in power. How did the power of these institutions affect Mesoamerican | | |society?...
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