Impact of Green Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Environmentalism, Business Pages: 16 (4103 words) Published: November 24, 2012
A Study on the Impact of Green Marketing on Purchasing Decision as Perceived by Young Professionals on Makati City

A Research Paper

Presented to

Ms. Lydia A. Basaysay

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Communication Arts II

Presented by:

Angel Joy Mandigal

Far Eastern University-Makati

October 4, 2012


In the late 1980’s there are various environmental disasters that exist which makes the environmentalism in the spotlight. Among these were the Exon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska, devastation of Germany’s Black Forest by acid rain, release of toxic chemicals in the Rhine River and the volcanic eruption o`f Mount Pinatubo in Philippines according to Ottman (1998 as cited in Suplico 2009). Those environmental issues that mentioned are antecedent by the world’s growing population that leads to scarcity of goods. As a result, “green” were introduced in the market that helps to make less damaging to the environment.

In a study of Nandini & Deshpande (2011) stated that the green concept are seen in the United States and has been gaining steadily ever since. In detailed, business firms realized that this environmental issue serves as a marketing opportunity for them. They believed that it will help them to increase their business profit thus; they started to adopt the concept of green marketing by implementing green consuming in measures to save earth’s resources in production. Tan &Yeap (2012)

On the other hand, Suplico (2009) cited that marketing fulfils business and human purpose by providing benefits to customers through products such as the food people eat, the clothes they wear, the house where they live and the cars they drive. Hence, the decisions on what products to make and how to offer them are the responsibility of marketing functions. Additionally, Fuller (2009) stated that the decisions on what products to make are relate to what to take and both the making and taking processes. Eventually the wasting process that takes into ecological costs in the form of waste, pollution and damage of ecosystems that determines the attributes of products and the specific systems though which they are made available to the markets. And to determine resource use and waste generation patterns, which the antecedents of pollution and ecosystems degradation. Due of that, the market has a challenge to reinvent product systems to achieve “zero waste, zero discharger” outcomes while giving the same benefits to consumers that meets their customer expectations on product.

Research studies about green consuming of a product or service have increased exponentially over the last decades that conducted until now, conformed by Leonidou, Leonidou and Kvasova (2011). People get interested on consuming eco-friendly products or services due of the environmental issues problem that lead market segment to produce a so called “green marketing”. This research is followed of succeeding major streams, which are explained below.

In a study that Nandini &Deshapande (2011) conducted, it mentioned that green marketing is an activity that designed to generate and facilitate any exchange intended in order to satisfy human needs or wants such as that satisfying that needs and wants to occur with minimal detrimental input on the national environment. Furthermore, according to Zsolnai (2002:656) as cited in Smith & Perks (2010) appended that green business is a business that has adopted the concept of being environmentalism across the various functions of the business. Together with the study of Yazdanifard & Mercy (2011) affirmed that green marketing serves as a tool for protection of the environment for the future generation which has a positive impact on environmental safety. In other words, green marketing was made in business functions due to the reason to prevent variety range of...
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