Green Marketing - a Research Proposal

Topics: Marketing, Qualitative research, Data analysis Pages: 12 (3360 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Project FOX
Fad or Expedient? - Perceptions of Consumers and Organisations on Green Marketing. Mieke van Kaam

a research proposal – 22 April 2012

Table of Contents
2.Problem statement3
3.Research objectives4
4.The scope and limitations of the proposed research4
5.Literature review6
5.1.Green fever –A load of Greenwash or not.6
5.2.How green can you go?7
5.3.Lets collaborate!7
5.4.Consumer evolution8
6.Research plan9
6.1.Description of research subjects and design9
6.2.Sampling plan9
7.Proposed methods for processing, analysing and interpreting data11
9.Potential outcomes and conclusion13
10.Reference list14
11.Appendix A15

* Green marketing is the product modifications and/or changes in production processes, * packaging and advertising, made by companies to ensure that the final consumer product * is environmentally safe.

* This is a simple definition for green marketing, but how many consumers and organisations * in South Africa (SA) actually understand the essence of green marketing. And if they do, * what are their viewpoints on green marketing and how was it shaped? Do organisations see * it as a fad attribute that's merely added to a product to ensure premium pricing options * and eventually higher profits for the company or is it an expedient that we as * stakeholders can use to address the ecological and social realities of the marketing * environment?

* The aim of the research project is to explore these issues and provide possible authentic * solutions or recommendations.
Problem statement
* The main problem with the green marketing concept is that consumers find it difficult to * distinguish between real green products and fake green products or greenwashing. Based * on this presumption we can ask the following:

* What are the consumers perception towards the green marketing practices of organisations? * What are organisations perception towards the green marketing concept? * Today, consumers are exposed to a magnitude of information via the Internet through collaborative and expressive social media. Consumers are also more exposed to global societal and environmental issues. Therefore, consumers could, in future, demand more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services. Based on this presumption we can formulate the last question for our research: * On what level will organisations have to commit to green marketing in future to secure brand integrity, image and identity?

Research objectives
* The primary objective of the research is to explore:
* The perceptions, organisations and consumers, have towards green marketing. * The following secondary objectives will help to define the primary objective and will focus on: * The degree of influence social media in SA has on consumer opinions and perceptions towards green organisations and their brands. * The justification organisations use when modifying existing products or introducing new green products. * Establishing the tools or level of future commitment that will be needed from organisations to build the 3i's in their brands. The scope and limitations of the proposed research

* The type of primary data that will be collected will focus on the perceptions that * organisations and consumers have on green marketing today. Attention will be given to the * impact that social media has on changing perceptions, especially in consumers between * different age groups.

* The most appropriate collection method for primary data will be executive interviews and * in-depth consumer interviews and for secondary data - Internet searches, journals or * internal green product/process development plans of organisations....
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