Market Research Dick Smith Electronics

Topics: Marketing, Hewlett-Packard, Multifunction printer Pages: 8 (2836 words) Published: August 26, 2012
Executive Summary
In this business report, we are focusing on studying Dick Smith Electronic (DSE) Retailer Shop which is selling HP Multi-Function Deskjet F2280 A-I-O printer. It will provide the information about DSE company’s background, electronic retailing industry’s background and Micro and Macro environments of the company. What’s more, it will present the market of product by comparing to the competitors and targeting to the demographic segmentation of the market which are those studying in university and graduate from high school and, as well as the ones who are having a professional job. Moreover, the products provided by HP attract the customers by famous brand name, low price and high quality. The environments around the DSE have some challenges and good efforts on it at the same time, such as the competitors in its environment, who are not only competing with but push it to approach. The printer produced by HP and sold by DSE is quite fit for its target segments. Overall, this report will provide the information of the printer sold in DSE that needed to know about.

1.1 Aim
This report is going to show readers the information about Dick Smith Electronic retailer selling a particular product compared to the other electronic retailers. Furthermore, it will provide overview of industry and target segment of this product in order to offer recommendations to DSE. 1.2 Scope

In this report, it will focus on the HP Multi-Function Deskjet F2280 A-I-O Printers that are sold in DSE. 1.3 Methods
The information of this report is collected from Monash University database and the internet. 1.4 Assumption
The information of this report is accurate as they are collected directly from companies’ website and some academic journal. 1.5 Limitation
Because of limited resources, some of the information, data and statistics, might not be up-to-date, and part of the company and industry’s background might not be complete.

2.Market Overview
1.1 Company Overview
Dick Smith Electronics was first established in 1968 by a man named Dick Smith. Then it sold a balance to Woolworths limited in 1980 and Woolworths used its right to change the logo to be the familiar black and yellow one. It has been operating for over 40 years and owns over 200 retailer and reseller shops throughout Australia. Its head office is located in Chullora, Sydney. Since the Woolworth limited brought out the company as a division of Woolworths Limited, it has always been the winner in this industry (Dick Smith Electronics, 2009) & (Woolworths Ltd, 2000-2007) 1.2 Industry Background

The electronic retailers’ industry in Australia is getting more and more competitive and having more challenges as there are more entrants to enter the market. The barriers to entry are stable, but the companies holding a majority share of market will obstruct new players joining. Therefore, as the retailers in this market are selling similar products, there is little room for ‘product differentiation’ amongst competitors. So, “the operators which are able to differentiate themselves in terms of products will benefit”. (Industry Conditions, 2008, G5236) At the same time, this situation will also create a competition with a basis of price (Market Size, 2008, G). According to an industry report, the trend of the whole industry is potential in domestic equipments rather than businesses, “especially for home printer market” (Market Segmentation, 2008, G5236).

3.The Environment
3.1 Macro-environment
The environment that does not impact the marketing directly though the organisations still have to consider it when they are making a marketing decision, is the macro-environment, which includes demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces (Kotler et al, 2007, p169). 3.1.1 Demographic Environments

With more and more people getting higher education, there will be a growth of technical usage. At the same...
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