Going Green and Economics

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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Going Green and Economics
June 29, 2011

Within the past decade, products and services that are environmentally friendly have become progressively more popular in the news and on television. To many the term has been dubbed “going green” this change in the public’s awareness of our impact on the environment has affected many aspects of advertising, economics, politics, business, and even in some situations everyday life. With any situation there are always positive and negative effects that take place, the question is whether or not the green movement has a positive or negative implication on our economy and our environment.

The question at hand is what started the going green trend, and the succeeding escalation into an immense social trend? I believe a major spark of public interest was cause be documentaries such as The 11th Hour and An Inconvenient Truth, which led to a steady flow of support for the green movement. Many believe that the social trend was triggered by a mixture of publicity by environmentalist and the corporate response to this advertising, while maintaining green products and immense profits in mind. In many cases the environmental advertising leads to environmentally friendly products and marketing, known as” going green”. This leads to more publicity, and then higher products, and continues on a reoccurring cycle. Another major ignition has been the significant increase in fuel prices over the last decade, one way to get wide spread attention is to drain the public of their money. Fuel is a necessity in today’s society; the increase in gas prices has increased awareness and started a social trend making an alternative source of energy a top priority.

Going green has not only increased society’s attention to alternative sources of energy, but also the need for living environmentally friendly. Live environmentally friendly could consists of conservation, using biodegradable material, and pollution minimization. The question that still stands is will the attractiveness of the going green and the services that follow be enough to counteract the large amounts of pollutants that our society puts into the environment every day? According to the article “Buying into the Green Movement” from an environmentally friendly website, they have a different view. They believe that “the way of thinking right now is very common stating that all we are going to need to do is avert the large scale catastrophe of the plant by simply making better shopping choices” (Williams, 2007).

For the most part many tend to agree with this idea. Large corporation use smart marketing techniques, where many people have been persuaded that by buying products such as laundry detergent produced with environmentally friendly additives that the environmental crisis will be adverted. The sad truth is that the large majority of expert scientist will also agree that this is not the case.

In quiet a few situations, any type of benefit to the environment that the green movement will have are overturned by their much smaller exposed negative impact. One interesting example of this can be found on the tree hugger’s website in an article called “Paul McCartney’s Lexus Hybrid Delivered By Plane From Japan, this article explains how singer Paul McCartney was sent a Lexus hybrid car as a gift from Lexus in exchange for advertising work. The estimated cost of the vehicle is $104,000, the car only get 22 miles per gallon, but it has been rated as a low emission vehicle by the Environmental Protection agency, which is described that emissions from this vehicle are far less harmful than many other vehicles’. The article also states that the car was delivered by aircraft, instead of a more environmentally friendly method such as a cargo ship. A plane can produce a carbon emission enormously greater than the Lexus hybrid could have provided. For green products to be truly green, they must be environmentally friendly all the way from...
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