Impact of Free Sex

Topics: Adolescence, Marriage, Sexual intercourse Pages: 7 (1845 words) Published: December 18, 2012

A. Background

The attitude of the government in dealing with free sex needs people’s attention, because without intervention from both of them, we won’t reach what we wanted. Because people, especially teenagers still in renewal misinterpreted freedom. Therefore, many young people who fall into things that are not desirable, and most of them influenced from the outside environment that damage the young generation because of his passion to get along even though they're going the wrong way. Therefore, the teens should have a lot of guidance from teachers and parents. Due to modern era, adolescents are easily influenced by new things without knowing the risks. Nowadays many young people fall into free sex, especially the collegers who are already away or separated from their parents. Students are increasingly free in this state. Where, students are free to do whatever he wants. Without cotrolling themselves, students will easily fall into negative things. Especially in association with a fellow student’s friends.

B. Formulation of The Problem

1. What are the kinds of free sex?
2. What are its impacts?
3. How to cope with free sex among teenagers?
4. How do Indonesian law regarding sexual intercourse outside of marriage?

Various Kinds of Free Sex.

1. Free sex in public very much committed by adolescents, but here only identifies the categorized free sex high level, meaning frequent and dangerous than the usual frequent cohabiting unmarried teens.

2. Term cohabiting or free sex teens conducted due to various factors such as,unconsciousness, even when a man who behaves morally to force a girl. Sometimes a girl can get pregnant at the age of school / girls generally follow the teen promiscuity. He did not know what that means, he finally caught by the others. There are also teenagers who gathered alongside a highway without a clear purpose, from the afternoon until late at night, while playing the guitar and singing, so make noise and disturbing neighbors and environmental safety.

Promiscuity Cause Free

Causes of promiscuity can be categorized two factors, namely external and internal:

A. Internal factors / more commonly than in a person's youth

The desire to understand more than anyone else could be the cause of juvenile diversion act. too condescending attitude always exalt myself or yourself, if too humble yourself a teenager usually look for shortcuts to accomplish something they think if they do not like it then they will be treated as other people who are not well, and not with the times.

B. Factors External / external personal factors teenager

The biggest factor that causes someone adolescent deviant behavior that is environmentally and friends. Someone whose friends often gather together in one group, he automatically will be infected by the attitude and the nature of his friend. Affection and attention of parents are not fully delivered, making a child does not feel at home in the house, they are more than happy to be out with his friends. Moreover, a less harmonious families and the lack of communication with parents can cause a child to commit social deviance and free sex that violates the values ​​and social norms. If mom and dad they have plenty to do outside the home, it will surely make teenagers intensified, so they are not ignored anymore.

Adultery in the Judicial Review of Criminal Law

The Code of Criminal indeed assume that sexual intercourse outside of marriage is adultery, fornication but not all can be punished. There are times where the law should stop at the front door, meaning that if intercourse is done over consensual but later when one of the spouses in default then the law can not demand it.

Article 281 of the Criminal Code states that, "Punishable by a maximum imprisonment of two years and eight months or a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars:

to-1.Whoever knowingly and...
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