Sleepover Question

Topics: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, Sex education Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Teenage Sex – The Sleepover Question
Teenager, noun. = a young person ranging from age 13 to 19; synonym: adolescent, minor, youngster. (Encarta) Nowhere in this classification is there any restrictions what one should or shouldn’t do yet due to societal norms many things are seen as “taboo” for teens. Amy Schalet’s piece, Teenage Sex – The Sleepover Question, bring to light whether or not parents should communicate with their teens about sex and whether to promote it or forbid it. Amy raises the point of stating that to attempt to understand one’s teen can help them communicate better and additionally help influences their choices which promote more responsible sex education, even if that means agreeing to “sleepovers.” Through her study she attempts to juxtapose American’s traditional “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy versus the Dutch’s accepting and open attitude by supplying us with logical appeals from her own study and statics and pathos through the emotions of two teens from her study. (Schalet, p1-6) Although I do believe that due to overbearing societal taboos teens are unable to communicate with their parents about sex as much as they should, I don’t agree with the idea of supporting teens partaking in sex due to the various dangers and consequences it may lead to. Rather I suggest the utmost importance in the openness of parent’s views while still maintaining a firm hand and not giving in to their children’s naïve and unreliable urges.

About half of all teens between ages 15 to 19 have had sex at least once; 29 percent of pregnant teens have abortions; teens who are having unprotected sex have a 90 percent chance of getting pregnant. (Laren, Par. 2, 5) Teenager’s sexual activity is undeniable in today’s day and age and there is no point attempting to hide it or sweep it under the rug anymore. Schalet states how one of American’s major problems with teens is due to parents lack of communication which she spotlights through her use of logos through...
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