Impact of Computer Training on the Organizational Effectiveness

Topics: Information technology, Information Technology Association of America, Africa Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: June 8, 2012

NIGERIA’S COMPUTER INDUSTRY: Development of the Nigerian Youth

“Africa must get onboard… Right now! … Africa will be either on to the Information Age or off to the dark Agricultural Age … Africa is suffering from knowledge apartheid that forces its children to eat the crumbs from the dinner table of the information-affluent nations.” Philip Emeagwali

Nigeria’s computer industry has successfully joined forces with other allies to create a dynamic family popularly referred to as ICT – Information and Communications Technology. This industry has come a long way, beginning with pre-independence telecommunications to the nation’s recent response to the green-horned Information Technology industry.

1. Local Computer Assembly plants/outfits have commenced operations, and are presently seeking recognition from the Federal Government 2. A National Information Technology Policy has been approved, with the National Information Technology development Agency (NITDA) also set up to implement the policy recommendations 3. The National Policy on Information Technology’s vision is “To make Nigeria an Information Technology capable country in Africa and a key player in the Information Society by the year 2005, using Information Technology as the engine for sustainable development and global competitiveness” 4. The provision of an Internet backbone with an initial capacity of 5,500 ports, interconnected by 2Mbps digital transmission link, has been started 5. Private initiatives have begun to raise the banner of a Wired Nigerian society that actively participates in the New Economy. Examples are The Promising Web Developer Contest (The Executive Cyberschuul), Digital Village (Junior Achievement of Nigeria), Computer in Schools Initiative (Information Technology Association of Nigeria), Computerize Nigeria campaign (Zinox), etc 6. Various umbrella bodies (COAN, ITAN, ISPON, NIG, etc) have come together to form a viable Nigeria Computer Society in...
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