Imc Campaign Analysis

Topics: Streaming media, Internet television, Multimedia Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: September 24, 2011
* Embracing alternative product uses and taking in to the next level, Skittles rolls out its social media marketing campaign: “Dazzle the Rainbow” in October 2010.Dazzle the Rainbow is simply a challenge in which Skittles fans are asked to bury a man named David Phoenix in a vat of the sugary candy. * It was a 24 hour live streaming response campaign that features David Phoenix, a man who says he “can take anything the rainbow throws at him.” * So, who is David Phoenix?

* According to a Skittles rep, “David Phoenix is incredibly talented and dangerously handsome. He knows the meaning of life, but has told no one and he has read the Internet (Internet), his notes are what you call ‘Google (Google).’ He is a man hell bent on victory against the Skittles fans.” * David Phoenix agreed to become the spokesman for the new Skittles Dazzle the Rainbow campaign. * Skittles UK announced that Phoenix had taken them on by claiming that he could survive being buried in over 2 million Skittles. To demonstrate the ‘unbelievable power of the Rainbow’, Skittles set up a live video stream on Facebook which showed Phoenix stood in a glass tank, becoming increasingly submerged in the multi-coloured candy. As more people tuned in, more Skittles were dumped on Phoenix’s head. * This is a perfect example of using social media to drive active engagement between the brand and their fans. * Skittles encouraged its Facebook audience to submerge Phoenix in a vat of Skittles. For every fan that joined the challenge, more precious Skittles were released upon. * The challenge was kicked off on October 18th,2010 in UK. * Skittles fans had to head to Facebook on that day and tune into the live stream, which simply caused more and more candy to rain down on Phoenix every 15 minutes. Apparently, 3.7 million Skittles were lying in wait, and the only way to release them is...
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