Image Stitching

Topics: Scale-invariant feature transform, Computer vision, Panorama Pages: 10 (2313 words) Published: April 8, 2013
performed to generate one panoramic image from a series
Don Bosco Institue of Technology, Mumbai University.
Image stitching or photo stitching is the process of combining of smaller, overlapping images.
multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view E-mail:,,, of invariant Recently there has been great progress in the use

to produce a segmented panorama or image.
features [3, 4, 5] for object recognition and matching.These Most approaches to image stitching require nearly exact overlaps features can be found more repeatably and matched more
between images and identical exposures to produce seamless
reliably than traditional methods such as cross-correlation
using Harris corners. Harris corners are not invariant to
scaling of the image, and cross-correlation of image patches This project’s goal is to create a script that will stitch two images is not invariant to rotation. However invariant features are together to create one larger image. Image stitching has wide photo applications and has become a required toolset for many designed to be invariant to these transformations. In this work photographers. These stitched images, become panoramic views we use Lowe’s [6] Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT

which increase the visual aesthetics of a scene, and are widely features), which are geometrically invariant under similarity sought out for posters, postcards, and other printed materials. transforms and invariant under affine changes in intensity.

Various applications such as mosaicing and object insertion
require stitching of image parts. The stitching quality is measured visually by the similarity of the stitched image to each of the input images, and by the visibility of the seam between the stitched images.Image stitching can be helpful for satellite imagery, bio- medical usage and many more.

In this project we make use of SIFT algorithm along with
RANSAC algorithm.


Mosaicing or image stitching is connecting two or more
images and making a new and wide area image[2].In this
project,two or more photographs are clicked having regions
of overlap between each of them,thereby enabling to get a
wider or a 360 degree view of the image.

It is well known that the human visual system has a wide field of view of around 135 * 50 degrees. While a typical camera
only has a filed of view around 35 * 50 degrees. We are not
satisfied with viewing only one picture taken by the camera.

Panoramic image mosaics are employed to solve this problem
and give us a wider view of the environments. It addresses the problem by taking a bunch of pictures around one place, and

then stitching them together to form a composite image. The
resulting panoramic image will enable the human to view the
environment up to 360 degrees. They could also be converted
into environment maps.
Recently a specialised form of image mosaicing known
as image stitching, has become increasingly common ,
especially in the making of panoramic images.Stitched



Different image acquisition methods can be used to acquire
input images that produce different types of panoramic
images, depending on the type of panoramic images required
and the availability of equipment. Three set-up’s to acquire images for panoramic image generation are described and
discussed in this section.
In the first set-up, the camera
is set upon a tripod and the images are obtained by rotating the camera. The second set-up places the camera on a sliding plate and the images are obtained by shifting the camera on
the sliding plate. The third set-up is where the camera is
held in a person’s hands and the person takes the images
by turning around on the same spot, or walking in a
direction perpendicular to the camera’s view direction.
the tripod or the sliding plate....
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