Ilm Level 2

Topics: Communication, Problem solving, The A-Team Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: September 30, 2012

1. I would describe these people who work at the brewery as two different teams who have not communicated with each other. They may have worked well on their own when the company was smaller but now they have joined forces they are a group of people. They are more a group because they have poor communication within and are not solving problems that arise. The lack of communication just keeps bringing up more problems.

2. The one of the belbin models role is a co-ordinator. This role involves co-ordinating the whole team and delivers the targets for the team and to help them achieve these targets. Another role from the belbin model is a completer finisher. This role involves checking every detail on a job. They worry about the job until it is complete and correct and they have checked everything personally there selves.

3. The model that I would use to describe the brewers is the Tuckman and Jenson model. The stages of team formation. The stages that Tuckman and Jenson use are forming, storming, norming and performing. This theory is based on when a new group of people come together they first begin to form as a team. Then certain characters will break through and start causing trouble or putting things in their place. This then becomes norming where everything starts to settle down then the team will begin to perform. This is the performing stage. The brewers at Springfield are in between the stages forming and storming the new guys are starting to stir things up and the older employees just want to keep things how they were.

4. Advantages of working in the team of brewers would be: that you are joining a larger company producing more products which can lead to more sales and more jobs. Another would be that the real ale will more likely survive within a larger company because they have more resources to make and market the product. Disadvantages of working in the team of brewers...
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