If You Are Appointed as a Ceo of Your Company/Organization/Ministry, What Proposals Would You Like to Make to Improve on Hr Issues

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I work for the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority. The Authority is established by the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Act an autonomous Regulatory Body. The Act empowers the Authority to formulate policies, set procurement and disposal standards, build procurement and disposal capacity and supervise the procurement and disposal practices of all procuring and disposing entities, which include central government ministries and departments, local governments, constitutional and statutory bodies.

The objectives of the Authority are stated in Section 6 of the PPDA Act and these are to: i. ensure the application of fair, competitive, transparent, non-discriminatory and value for money procurement and disposal standards and practices; ii. harmonize the procurement and disposal policies, systems and practices of the central government, local governments and statutory bodies; iii. set standards for the public procurement and disposal systems in Uganda; iv. monitor compliance of procuring and disposing entities; and v. Build procurement and disposal capacity in Uganda.

The Authority’s organizational structure is comprised of seven members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and four departments namely the corporate office, the legal and compliance department, finance and administration department and the procourement audit and investigations department. The total staffing of the Authority is 61 persons.

The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Authority. He implements the Authority’s policies and programmes and supervises all the departments. The Executive Director heads the Corporate Office which is responsible for public relations, internal audit and co-ordination with other government agencies, the donor community and the civil society. The department of Legal and Compliance is mandated to set standards for the public procurement and disposal sector. The department’s main objective is to provide advisory services on public procurement and disposal of assets to the Authority, Procuring and Disposing Entities, providers and other stakeholders. It also monitors Procuring and Disposing Entities and recommending corrective measures to be undertaken to ensure conformity with the requirements of the law.

The Training and Capacity Building department is responsible for building procurement and disposal capacity. The capacity building functions of the Authority include: setting training standards, competence levels certification systems, development of capacity building operational plans, collaboration with procuring and disposing entities, providers, training and research institutions.

The department of Procurement Audit and Investigations is mandate to commission or undertake investigations. The department also carries out procurement or disposal contract and performance audits. The audits and investigations are undertaken on disposing entities at Central and Local government, Statutory bodies, Commissions, Public Hospitals and Tertiary Institutions.

The Finance and Administration department is responsible for smooth management of the internal affairs of the Authority, including finance and administration, human resource management, information technology and library and documentation services. It is also oversees the procurement of goods and services for the Authority. The mission of the PPDA is:

“To regulate and facilitate public procurement and disposal in Uganda by setting standards, building capacity and monitoring compliance and ultimately contribute to socio-economic development” The vision for the PPDA is:

“A world-class public procurement and disposal system that is efficient, transparent and accountable.” If am appointed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the PPDA, I would implement the following proposals in the areas below:

1.1Compensation and reward system

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