Identify and Evaluate How a Knowledge of Leadership or Organisational Development Can Improve a Manager's Efficiency and Effectiveness in Managing an Enterprise.

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Plymouth MBA: a case study on Ricardo Semler of SEMCO

Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

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From the dawn of time, the world has been shaped and changed through the efforts of leaders. Their foresight and vision has lead to some of the most amazing discoveries mankind has seen, as well as the darkest moments of humanity. Leaders range from the religious in the likes of Jesus Christ, to the political leaders like Winston Church Hill. This also extends to the fanatic dictators like Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. All have played significant roles in the shaping of the world we live in today. However, the authors of this document will be focusing on the area of business. The necessary skills essential for effective leadership and the qualities and traits found in successful business leaders will be examined. This will be demonstrated through the leadership examples of Ricardo Semler, CEO of the Brazilian company SEMCO.

Brief History
The Brazilian company SEMCO was founded in 1953 by Austrian-born engineer Antonio Curt Semler. The main business activity then was the manufacture of industrial pumps for the marine industry. Antonio Semler later turned the reigns of the company over to his son Ricardo Semler who transformed the company in to what it is today. Ricardo first tried traditional management and leadership styles. However, after falling seriously ill while on business in Boston, Ricardo started the change process. He took a holistic approach to management and leadership, acknowledging that engaging the entire human being was the key to providing a better work experience. Thereby, creating improved levels of quality of life, which builds the trust required to lead the creative avant garde company SEMCO. The company is sought out buy fortune 500 companies who seek to study and understand its organizational structure.

Qualities of a good business leader and Team Management
For several years, the question of whether leaders are born or made has been an issue of great controversy. Even though there have been lots of books and articles written lectures given and workshops delivered on what makes a good business leader, it is impossible to obtain a single definition. Vince Lombardi (www. argues that “Leaders are made, they are not born; they are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." June O’sullivan (2009) on the other hand believes that People become leaders for various reasons. She believes some lead because they have a vision they want to share and bring alive, and others on the other hand are leaders just because they were in the right place at the right time.

There are different types of leaders. There are Traditional, Charismatic, Situational as well as appointed leaders. A good leader’s vision is what pulls the team along, he knows what is to be done and it is his job to ensure that he conveys this picture to the rest of the team in such a way that they in return can get the job done. A good leader has many different characteristics and traits such as: • • • • • • • Open Mind for Innovation - A good leader listens to new ideas Emotional stability and composure, Confidence. Open Door Policy - makes sure everyone knows they can talk to them whenever the need arise. Good Communication Skills. Admitting error - Owning up to mistakes, rather than covering up. Focus - - improve the company or make their team stronger in the future. Good leader must lead by example-Charisma and reputation

True leaders think of those that they lead first, rather than themselves. They trust the people they lead, and share openly and honestly with them to encourage two-way communication. Even though everyone has the potential to be a leader, some people’s personalities allow them to be better. Leaders can lead in various ways and methods all...
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