A Report on Agape Superior Living

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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English Individual Assignment
Agape Superior Living is a multi-level marketing company which produces wellness products called ATP Zeta Program. It was formed in the year 2004 under the partnership with the Super Life Medical Research Team, the Medical Practitioners and the Agape investment group.(Agape Superior Living, n.d.) As an organisation, Agape Superior Living is defined to turn out to be one of the top Health Companies in the globe.(n.d.) The most appropriate evidence of succeed of this company would be the current rapid growth of the company itself.(n.d.) As a proof, Ipoh stockist centre has built up in January of 2012 after the stockist centre in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, and many more.(Agape Superior Living, 2012b) Other than that, from front to now, Agape Superior Living has won several glory awards, such as The 3rd Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Award, 2011 Top 50 Malaysian Enterprise Platinum Award and so on.(Agape Superior Living, 2012a; Agape Superior Living, 2012b) From those honour awards that received by this company, we all know that it had performed very well and developed into a succeed company. Of course, it has its own reasons to be succeeded. The causes that make this company to success are having good leadership and having products which meet the market requirements.

According to Simfahlau (2012), having a good leader is one of the key points that can lead a company to success. This same goes to Agape Superior Living. The first cause that makes this company to perform well is having a good boss who possesses all the characteristics of good leadership. Dato’ Dr How Kok Choong J.P. was the founder and Global President of Agape Superior Living.(Agape Superior Living, 2012b) From his titles, we can guess about how strong his background was. He started his business from scratch and had received many entrepreneurship awards both locally and internationally, such as the Outstanding Young Malaysian 2003 Award, Asia Pacific Top CEO Award...
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