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Question 1a)
- Information and Communication Technologyp.2 & 3
Question 1b)
- Destination Management System: Write upp. 4
- Comparisonp. 5 & 6
Question 2)
- Mobile Computing and Technologyp. 7 & 8
- Mobile Services and Applicationsp. 9 & 10
- Mobile Commerce of an Organizationp. 11 & 12
- Summaryp. 13
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Appendix 2p. 22 & 27
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1a)Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Hospitality and Tourism industry can be explain in two parts. Firstly, it simply means information like, time of flights, rates of hotel rooms, availability of seats and making of reservations being done through technology means. The technology can be systems like Global Distribution System, Secondly; it means the use of technology to communicate with one another. The word technology can be different devices and applications, phone; computer; internet; instant messaging; voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and even video messaging. Among these technologies, I’m going to briefly descript 3 systems made especially for the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Global Distribution Systems (GDS) – A system that allows travel agencies or third party travel websites to check for information on different service provider and to book and reserve the service. It also allows travel agencies, third party travel websites users and individual to check on their booking information and to alter it. It links up database of different Hospitality and Tourism service providers like airlines, hotels, car rental companies and many more. Some of the systems are Amadeus and Sabre. (Refer to Appendix 1a – Figure 1.1 to 1.4) Benefits of GDS:

* Easy Connectivity – For travel agents, almost all of the Hospitality and Tourism service provider can be found on GDS. They would not need to call up or login to individual service provider, individual company to find out information and to book or make a reservation. * Bookings can be done 24/7 – Worldwide travel agents can log in to GDS and book all the different hospitality and tourism service anytime of the day, any day of the week. They do not need to wait for office opening hours to call the different service and book through a booking employee. * Marketing and Networking – Travel agents, websites, consortia uses GDS to a large extent so Hospitality and Tourism service like hotels and car rental service can reach a wider market and to gain exposure easily and effectively through GDS . * Internet – By using GDS, these Hospitality and Tourism service provider are also technology and moving with the times. Travel agents, travel websites and consortia can access through the internet instead of referring to updated booklets or call the service provider for updated information. * Little maintenance required - The information of Hospitality and Tourism service provider are loaded onto the GDS (internet) automatically every time they update their own system (CRS). Central Reservation System (CRS) – A reservation system similar to GDS but it is custom-made for individual Hospitality and Tourism service provider like, Airlines; Hotels; Resorts; Car Rental; Cruise; et cetera. Every company has their own customize individual system regardless if they are from the same sector or not. This system is made accessible only to the employees of that particular company. Travel agencies and other party cannot access this system. It is use to assist the employee(s) helping guests to do reservation and bookings over at the counter, not through any travel agency or third party travel websites. One example is the Opera system (Refer to Appendix 1a – Figure 1.5 & 1.6) Property Management System (PMS) – A system used by hoteliers to manage their hotel by linking different other...
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