Formula Student Intake Manifold Design and Manufacture for a Single Cylinder Restricted Engine 2008

Topics: Engine displacement, Internal combustion engine, Engine technology Pages: 32 (9987 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Year – 2008 Submissions Date - 30/04/08

Formula Student intake manifold design and manufacture for a single cylinder restricted engine 2008 Final Year Project

Supervisor – Geoff Booth
Author – Tom Collyer
School Of Engineering
Coventry University

1.1IntroductionPage 4
1.2AbstractPage 5
1.3Formula Student RulesPage 5
1.4Project AimsPage 6
1.5ObjectivePage 7
1.6Software and Hardware ReviewPage 7
2.0Theoretical Application
2.1Intake Manifold Purpose and FunctionPage 9
2.2Intake TheoryPage 10
2.3Pressure Wave TuningPage 12
2.4Choked FlowPage 14
2.5Helmholtz TheoryPage 14
3.1Consideration In Reagrds to Formula StudentPage 16
3.2Previous Formula Student Intake DesignsPage 17
4.1Critical MeasurementsPage 20
5.0Intake Manifold Design and Development
5.1Materials and ManufacturePage 22
5.2Material ComparisonPage 25
5.3ManufacturePage 27
5.4Ricardo WAVE and Floworks DataPage 29
5.5Bellmouth DesignPage 31

6.0Design Ideas
6.1Design SpecificationPage 32
6.2Design ConceptsPage 33
7.1Aims and Goals for CFD AnalysisPage 38
7.2Obtaining Data for CFDPage 38
7.3CFD AnalysisPage 39
7.4Flow CoefficientsPage 42
8.0Finalising the Design and Conclusion
8.1Additional FeaturesPage 43
8.2ConclusionPage 43
9.0ReferencesPage 44
10.0AppendicesPage 47

Chapter 1.
1.1 Introduction
For 2008 a new class was introduced for Formula Student. Formula Student is a competition between various universities around the UK and around the globe, organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). It allows students to design and build single seater formula styled cars in accordance to rules and guidelines set by the IMechE.

Some universities carry the development of a car over a two year process whereas others (such as ourselves) would be the first academic year to have experienced this. This left us nine months to design and build a vehicle in time for the competition.

The class in which we’ve entered (1A, the newly introduced class), is where vehicles had to run an alternative fuelled engine. Coventry University Motorsport Formula Student team decided to run a bio-ethanol powered vehicle. The rules stated that this vehicle had a maximum engine displacement of 250cc with a “12.3mm restrictor downstream of the throttle” for the intake manifold. Working with such a small restrictor made the intake manifold design crucial to regain the lost power. A development programme was undertaken to improve the performance of the engine (see ?!), the following design was assigned.

The rules allowed for any aspect of the engine to be modified, though it was felt, because the engine was not officially the university’s and it was the first time the university would have experience in running this engine in this format and application, to only modify the intake and exhaust systems.

The intake manifold would also have to be designed and built within a budget. Only a limited set budget is allocated for the formula student team to design and build the vehicle, to which a set amount is set aside for engine development.

1.2 Abstract
The project was to develop and design an intake manifold for a restricted single cylinder engine. This project was met with extensive engine development, combining theory with virtual testing and CFD analysis. This was all met within the engine packaging requirements to design a successful intake manifold.

The project concludes with the production of a series of CAD schematics along with extensive Ricardo WAVE analysis of the final design.

1.3 Formula Student Rules
The IMechE have imposed a set of rules and regulations for a more competitive and equal field of entry and for health and safety reasons. Each...
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