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Topics: Vice president, Psychology, Management occupations Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Colin Osel Shanon C. TorresThe Hypertensive Boss
Case number 1

Point of view

In giving solution to the current case, it would be best being tackled from the point of view of Mr. Jimenez, the Executive Vice President of Supreme Corporation. I chose Mr. Jimenez’s point of view because the Executive Vice President is the one who is closely in the organization to oversee its operations and decision planning phases.


What action to take to give resolve to Mrs. Liza Nakpil’s emotional conflicts?


• To come up with a fair remedy for Mrs. Nakpil’s emotional conflicts

• To maintain a good working environment for the Senior Officers with in Supreme Corporation.

• To develop a committee or a department that will tackle certain employee emotional and/ or behavior issues within Supreme Corporation.

Areas of consideration

• Mrs. Nakpil being the youngest senior officer of the company

• Naturally met with opposition by some of the more senior officers in the company

• Mrs. Nakpil had a very bad temper.

• There was no doubt in the minds of the executive officers as well as of her staff that she was a competent boss.

• Work mates are overwhelmed by fear whenever they would get the chance to interact with Mrs. Nakpil.

• The heated confrontation of Mr. Olondriz to Mrs. Nakpil that severely affected her morale to work

• Spent the next few days taking leaves out of the country. In an attempt for the other guys of top management to realize Mrs. Nakpil’s importance to the company.

• Being a traditional executive, Mr. Olondriz was, however never came up to Mrs. Nakpil to apologize.

Alternative Courses of Action/s

1. One important way to analyze human behavior is to study the relationship effectiveness. How effectively the staff communicates and relates to each other can tell how much they care for their work and the people around them. Without proper...
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