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OA Exams 1
December 2, 2009
1. (a) As a clerk in the records management office, one of your duties is to order equipment and supplies for your office. (i) State the purpose of EACH of the following pieces of equipment in the records management department: * Filing cabinets

* Photocopiers
* Computers
(3 marks)
(ii) List FOUR important types of supplies used in the storage of records. (4 marks)
(b) State what action should be taken by the secretary of the relevant department in EACH of the following situations:
(i) The following note was attached to a file that was returned by the human resources manager. I will be attending a two-day conference from tomorrow. On my return, I will need the interview file with respect to those interviews which will be conducted next Tuesday morning. I will also need the file on employee benefits. (4 marks)

(ii) The sales manager is travelling to Barbados on March 30, 2008. He asked you to remind him that his airline ticket must be collected from the travel agent two days before his departure date. (4 marks)

Total 15 marks
2. (a) A receptionist may need to refer to sources of information compiled by the business in order to assist visitors and callers. List THREE such sources of internal information. (3 marks)
(b) State the name of a card-reminder system and explain how it is used to follow up on daily activities in an office (4 marks)

(c) Assume that you are Jean Evans of 21 High Street, Kingston, and that you applied for the position of general clerk at Sunrise Realtors Limited, PO Box 9966, Kingston. You are offered the job to which you must report on February 25, 2009 at 8:00 a.m.

Write a letter of acceptance for the offer.

(8 marks)

Total 15 marks

3. (a) List THREE reasons for holding meetings.

(3 marks)

(b) State THREE reasons for circulating minutes of a previous meeting before the next meeting.

(3 marks)

(c) Assume that you are Kelly Patterson and that the following note was passed to you by the sales manager, Mr Harold Austin.

Ms Patterson,

Here are my plans for my visit to Grenada – I leave on Saturday (May 10) and I will leave Grenada on the following Wednesday evening.


George Blake at the Hanover office on Monday – 8:30 a.m. and with Winston Hinds at 3 p.m. (Grenville office). Director of Chamber of Commerce, Paul Singh, on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and with the minister of trade at 9 a.m. at his office. On Wednesday I meet again with Winston Hinds at his office (10:30 a.m.).

I will be having lunch with Adrian White on Monday at 12:30 p.m. at the Paradise Inn Hotel and with Winston Hinds on Wednesday at 1 o’clock at Great Bay:

On the day of my arrival, I have cocktails (6:30 p.m.), followed by dinner, at Belle Air Hotel.

H. Austin

Use the information provided by Mr Austin to prepare his itinerary. Use the 24-hour clock for all times.

(9 marks)

(Total 15 marks)

4. (a) (i) State THREE functions of the human resources office.

(3 marks)

(ii) State THREE reasons why there must be close working relationship between the human resources office and other departments in the company.

(3 marks)

(b) Explain THREE problems that a company might experience if the provisions under the Factories Act are NOT provided to employees under EACH of the following categories:

(i) Health and safety (3 marks)

(ii) Working conditions and benefits (3 marks)

(iii) Environmental factors (3 marks)

(Total 15 marks)
Good Luck


November 19, 2009 at 2:47 am (O.A Lessons)

What is an office?

The office is the centre of all business activities, whether it is located in one room or several rooms, and needs a certain amount of information in order to function properly. The office acts as an intermediary between the public and the organisation.

The role of the office in relation to:

1. Production

Production is a combination of factors – land, labour, capital and...
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