Human Resource Unit 3

Topics: Employment, Employment agency, The Culture Pages: 4 (1342 words) Published: January 8, 2013
The Hunt for Seasonal Workers Crosses Borders
Russell Libby
Kaplan University
AB203: Human Resources Management
Instructor: Jessica Marino

The Hunt for Seasonal Workers Crosses Borders
1. If the companies described in this case cannot fill all vacant seasonal jobs with workers under H-2B visas, what other options are available for filling the jobs?

2. Which of the additional options, if any, would you recommend?

3. What additional recruiting strategies, besides the ones described in this case, would you recommend to High Sierra Pools?

Looking for seasonal working can be a challenge. Seasonal workers are a great resource for a company that needs to increase their workforce during peak seasons of the year. Returning seasonal workers do not need to be trained as they know the business they are returning to. There are many different places to look for seasonal workers. A visa program called” H-2b visas “lasts for six months. Employers looking to hire these workers must get approval from a number of departments. If companies cannot fill the seasonal workers they need from other countries, there are other options companies can look into. Places that employers might look at to fill the seasonal workers are, newspapers, public employment agencies, electronic recruiting, colleges and universities, private employments agencies, and direct applicants and referrals. Bringing in external sources can bring new ideas, and new ways of doing business. For entry level positions and special upper-level jobs the organization has no internal employees to draw from. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009). I would recommend the option of Public Employment Agencies. When people are unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation, be registered with state employment office which works with U.S. Employment Service. Organizations can register their vacancies with local employment office and the agency can then find people that meet the...
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