Lands End and Yahoo Case

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Shantel Watkins
Intro to Business MG101-54
October 15, 2011
Lands Ends and Yahoo Case
Discussion Questions

1.   Compare the different reasons why Lands’ End and Yahoo! decided to expand internationally.   Land’s End decided to expand globally or internationally because they wanted to increase their sales volume. Lands’ End also went global for international growth so as to increase their value as a company and gain credibility to their brand name on the other hand Yahoo! went globally because they wanted to increase their market research to dominate the global internet industry by accessing resources, primarily human and marketing resources. Also to provide services for international consumers and users when they’re online, another reason is so they could provide a medium for everyone to access ‘geographically, psychologically, wherever they are”.

2.   How did Lands’ End succeed in establishing itself in the United Kingdom and Japan?
Land’s End succession was due to the company thinking globally, making changes to suit the cultures, norms and values of both countries, in the UK Lands’ End encountered a unique challenge which was the learning curve. Lands’ End was breaching the language gap. Although both countries had spoken English, UK had spoken the Queen’s English. Certain terms were deemed as inappropriate and so they had to make adjustments to their catalogs as persons were refraining from buying their products due to this. In Japan they advertise their products differently; they advertise their products on four page full colored newspaper cluttered with the information, Lands’ End advertised differently by doing the opposite. Their payment method was different; they received the product before they paid for it and so Lands’ End restricted their payment method to adapt to the Japanese way.  

3.   In addition to hiring local employees in countries such as France and China, how could Yahoo! help to educate U.S. employees about the nuances of...
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