Software Engineer 2006

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Viewing the Globe in 2006 and 2056
U.S. software engineer living in 2006
I am an Indian male earning a living as a software engineer in Houston, Texas. I earned my degree in India prior to moving to the United States, and came here on an H1B visa. I went to work for Merrick Corporation, a large company that provides oil and gas companies with leading edge information technology, software, hardware and services to increase the efficiency of their drilling and production operations. The hours were typical of American companies, although sometimes it was necessary to work late to meet deadlines.

I brought my wife and two children with me, but they came on an H4 visa and my wife is unable to work with that status, although she is also very qualified to work. We have currently applied for a green card for me and a change in her status to H1-B, if we can find a company to sponsor her. In the meantime, she stays at home and cares for our children.

A typical day will see us rising early to a typical American breakfast of toast or cereal, and juice and coffee. My wife will prepare a lunch for me, most often a typical American-style lunch of sandwiches and fruit, as the strong smells of our Indian cuisine disturb my non-Indian co-workers. I will drive to work in my car, not a new car, but a good one that is 5 years old, and she will drive our older child to school and the return home. She sometimes finds it difficult to fill her days and is thinking of attending some classes, although this would mean an added expense for daycare, which would be difficult on only my income.

She always prepares a typical Indian dinner for us, though. There are many stores in Houston where we can buy aachar, masalas and spices, so there is no difficulty in this for her. A typical dinner would consist of meat or fish as the main dish, vegetables, and chutney, along with naan bread or basmati rice.

We occasionally treat ourselves by going out to dinner and there are many fine...
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