Human Resource Management Assignment

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  • Published: April 17, 2013
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Please note: 1. Assignments must be submitted on or before the date due.2. Students must ensure that they are not guilty of plagiarism which is, essentially, referring to the words/ideas of others without acknowledgment. Students must comply with the statement below.|

Students Declaration
The attached assignment is my own work, and has never been submitted for assessment on any other course before. Proper referencing has been made to all sources: published or unpublished works and the ideas of other persons. (Student’s Signature) Yasas Kalubowila

Full Name of Student Mr. Kalubowila Prathibha YasasDate submitted _14 Jan 2012_ Programme _BA (Hons) - Business Management (Singapore) Course Code _39604BH______ Name of Module/subject _Human Resource Management Class ____1__________ -------------------------------------------------

Assignment Title/Reference no. (if applicable) _HRM 08701 (Part 2) -------------------------------------------------
Teacher – Dr Allen / Mr Jeffrey Tan___

___________________________________________________________________________ For Office Use|

You are required to develop a two-day induction training course for Baristas (Day 1 should focus on company induction and Day 2 on job specific induction). The course is designed for all new baristas, and will be delivered to groups of 12-16 people. Write a report which includes

a) The overall aim and specific learning objectives for the course. Aim of the Course
According to Armstrong (2009), employees are far more likely to resign during the initial months after joining the organization. The main aim of this induction program is to welcome our new colleagues in to Café Co. family and to get them to understand their role within the organization. This will help them to settle into their jobs more easily and at the same time this will aid the staff to add value to the...
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