Human Relations and Organizational Behavior

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  • Published : February 21, 2008
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Human Relations and Organizational Behavior
ORG 502

Organizational Behavior 2
Human Relations and Organizational behavior
Organizational behavior is an applied behavioral science that is built upon contributions from various behavioral disciplines. These different behavior is the study of individuals and group in a company where psychology, sociology, anthropology and political science are utilized to improve the organizational effectiveness. Organizational behavior is also considered by how an organization responds to globalization, quality of productivity, ethical behavior and especially how efficiently the diverse workforce is manage, with consideration to employee empowerment. Organizational-development specialists and consultants also have a history of helping employees understand what to do differently and helping them to learn how to do it. The target of these efforts typically has been executives and CEOs, but all managers are now expected to take on the responsibilities of the coach. As a senior manager I am now expected to mentor, to advise, to coach and to otherwise get maximum accomplishment from each employee. At Cullen Performance Hall, where I have worked for the past three years, the organizational behavior is evaluated by quality of service provided to touring company and theater groups by improving our organizational people skills. When majority of the corporations today are putting profit over people, Cullen Performance Hall is devoted to its employees and its customers. My first priorities are to allow and help employees to self manage. Empowering employees to make decisions has helped the organization to flourish with happy employees, who has a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Second principle is giving employees the proper tools to succeed at their particular function. This means I take on the responsibility of the leader in helping them develop and perform effectively. Organizational Behavior 3

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