Human Relations

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Case 16.2
Human Relations
1. What is you evaluation of the effectiveness of the stress-reduction techniques created by Michelle and Trevor? Though I can see the humor in the prank and the need to pull pranks as a way of relieveing stress, in the work environment or in life in general it is not a good idea. People may think that a simple prank is harmless but as Trevor and Michelle found out it can bring more trouble and a whole lot more stress to themselves, their families, and whole life for that matter. What the book taught us is that we can do some safe stress relievers that can help reduces stress and bring about a peaceful life and work environment. Also they had a lot of stress indicators in which they increased their drinking and incorporated it into there stress relief. 2. What might have been a more effective method of the group from Markets and Agriculture to have used to decrease their stress? One of the suggestions from the book gave was, appropriate physical exercise. Depending one where they live, they could have had bowling night, softball league, basketball, squash or any number of other sports in order to get the team together and have fun and release some stress. Another key thing they could have done was start a support group to just get together and talk, play a board game, poker night, anything of that nature to just talk and have a little fun. One other thing that I liked was to know when to call it quits for the night, appropriate amount of rest. “Know when to say when” is not just for drinking but for turning in for the night and getting that much needed rest. 3. What do you recommend Michelle, Trevor, and the rest of the goup do with respect to taking responsibility for their prank? I believe that they should be truthful and take the consequences for their actions. It is not a popular thing to come clean and take your punishment but I think they should be ok. Any attempt to conceal their actions could result in even more stress and...
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