Human Relations Final Paper

Topics: Disability, Educational psychology, Self-advocacy Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: March 16, 2013

Issue: Transition

1.How should Jean’s parents approach children who stare or are afraid of Jean’s prosthetic arm?

They should explain that Jean is not the same with them, that they should not tease Jean about her disability.

2.How should Jean’s parents approach her teacher concerning Jean’s disability?

They should tell or inform her teacher before the classes begin so that she can make some changes about the activities that she has to give, especially when it comes to gross motor activities.

3.Because Jean has a disability, should her parents adjust their parenting style and allow Jean to display more inappropriate behavior? Why?

In raising children like Jean is just the same with other normal children, so they have to treat Jean like a normal kid, and her disability is not an excuse to grow as a good person.

4.How would Tim or Mary’s concerns be different if Jean was born with a learning disability rather than a physical disability?

For me less concern will be given to a child with learning disability, because it can be intervene when detected earlier, such training can help develop learning skills of a child, unlike physical disability wherein your only hope is thru surgery and it is visible to public that make some people laugh at, and it is too hard for parents looking at their child unhappy because of her disability.

5.What physical or cosmetic adjustments could be made so that Jean’s disability is less visible?

Surgery, myoelectric arm or prosthetic arm surgery is an answer so that Jean’s disability becomes less visible.

6.In order to help Jean transition from one social setting to another, what accommodations should her parents make?

Jean could easily adopt social living when her parents bring her out most of the time to parks and other gatherings so that she can feel the acceptance of society whoever she is. It can also develop her self-esteem.

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