Human Relation

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Human relation
According to Tuason, et al is the “ art of getting along with others.” Some say it is merely pakikisama “or conformity with the group. Human relations is an art of fulfilment that depends upon a basic understanding of the feelings of others. According to Davis, it is the art of motivating people in an organization to develop which effectively fulfils their needs and achieve organizational objectives. It is also defined as the process of interaction between two or more persons during which an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding is created. 3 areas of human relation

a. Individual-to-individual relations
b. Individual-to-group relations
c. Group-to-group relations
3 Group-to-group relations
a. Industrial relations
b. Public relations
c. International relations
How is a human relations almosphere developed in an organization? a. Recognition of human dignity and worth of every individual. b. Recognition of individual differences.
c. Emphaty
d. Behaviour desired by the worker.
How can one get along well with people?
To improve one’s interpersonal relationships with people, Batra gives 10 guidelines. a. Keep your tongue under control and watch your body language. b. Make a few promises but keep them.
c. Learn to praise and criticize constructively.
d. Show empathy by being interested in others.
e. Be cheerful. Do not let worries pains, disappointment wipe off your smile. f. Keep an open mind. Discuss; do not argue.
g. Let your merits speak for themselves, do not talk about others’ demerits unless necessary. h. Pay no attention to ill-natured remarks made about you. i. Treat everybody with importance and never laugh at others’ expense. j. Do not be anxious about about getting what is due to you. Keep a good disposition; efforts and rewards will come to you. How may right human relations lead to peace?

Alice A. Balley advocate that right human...
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