Male and Female Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Female, Woman Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Can Men and Women Be Friends?
“No, no, no, I never said that... Yes, that's right, they can't be friends. Unless both of them are involved with other people, then they can... This is an amendment to the earlier rule. If the two people are in relationships, the pressure of possible involvement is lifted... That doesn't work either, because what happens then is, the person you're involved with can't understand why you need to be friends with the person you're just friends with. Like it means something is missing from the relationship and why do you have to go outside to get it? And when you say "No, no, no it's not true, nothing is missing from the relationship," the person you're involved with then accuses you of being secretly attracted to the person you're just friends with, which you probably are. I mean, come on, who the hell are we kidding, let's face it. Which brings us back to the earlier rule before the amendment, which is men and women can't be friends,” said Harry Burns. There is quite a group of people who would and do agree with Harry Burns. I disagree, for there are exceptions to every rule. In most cases, girls are surrounded by men because of circumstances or choices. When a person is put in a particular situation, they learn to adapt to their environment or become interested in their peers interests. If one adapts, there are certain traits that are picked up from habit. One spending a length of time with anyone starts to care, for it just seems inevitable. Then again, it could become feelings of hate and resentment instead but that is rare. Hate takes up more energy than caring for someone, for caring is more natural if we allow it to be. There are plenty examples to prove why friendships between men and women will, can, need, or have to work. . A circumstance would be a husband who lost his wife and now has to raise his children alone. He has a few sons and one daughter. In this incident, the girl would probably become a tomboy due to...
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