The Most Ethical Course

1.) I believe the most ethical course of action in the story of Felicia Robinson is to wait it out because her opponent may seem guilty at the time but he could also be an innocent man and she wouldn't want to have the stigma that she's a liar because of a mistake she has made. 3a.) When coming across a survey showing majority of people in my state that oppose my position, I should point out those shortcomings that came my way during my the process because it will show that I'm a honest person, the people love honesty ! 3b.) In my opinion, I believe the most ethical course of action when listening to an informative speech that is given by a classmates that has plagiarized is to talk with the speaker as a individual and inform them that I'm aware of their actions and strongly insist that they do not do it again, because I believe everyone deserves a second chance also I wouldn't want my fellow classmate to get hit with serious consequences over stupidity. 3c.) I should not include a quotation from an article that is not supporting the policy I'am advocating for even if it's an article by a highly respected expert, because it will hurt the main point that I'm trying to make in my speech.

*KEY TERMS (chapter 2)
Ethics- the branch of philosophy that deals with issues of right and wrong in human affairs. Ethical decisions- sound ethical involve weighing a potential course of action against a set of ethical standards or guidelines. Name-calling- the use of language to defame, demean, or degrade individual groups. Plagiarism- presenting another person’s language or ideas as one’s own Bill of rights- the first 10 amendments to the United States constitution. Plagiarism- presenting another person’s language or ideas as one’s own. Global plagiarism- stealing a speech entirely from a single source and passing it off as one’s own. Patchwork plagiarism- stealing language from two or three sources and passing them off as one’s own. Incremental plagiarism-...
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