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  • Published: April 28, 2013
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Pakistan and its Chronic Unemployment
Pakistan is a nation that has been plagued by many problems throughout it’s more than 6 decades of existence. But one problem that has plagued it persistently is that of unemployment. It has an unemployment rate of 15.4% and ranks on 152/199 on the world employment table. Having one of the world’s largest populations also means that this 15.4% is a very large number in its own right. Now we know some basic problems as to why there is so much unemployment in our country, but there are also some problems that are not highlighted. Unemployment is defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as the number of people, over 18, willing and able to find work at a certain wage rate, but unable to find it. The claimant count method states that the unemployed can be found by counting the number of people receiving unemployment benefits in the country. Since Pakistan does not have a solid unemployment benefit system, it is safe to assume that our unemployment is mostly measured by those who want but can’t find any work. Even if we do not know the hard statistics, we can clearly tell how bad the situation is in Pakistan. First and foremost, one of the major reasons why Pakistan continues to have such low employment and is still a developing nation is because of its low literacy rate. It is claimed that Pakistan has a 49% literacy rate, but the only measure of that is the people who can write or sign their own names. This lack of skill and education means, that most of the population is left doing menial jobs such as driving, farming and manual labor because they are not able to find any jobs. With the 6th largest population in the world, and such a high unemployment rate, it is a pity that Pakistan has still not been able to build a proper education system so that more people can change from unskilled to skilled jobs. Due to this structural failure and the people’s own stubbornness to not get their children educated, generations and generations of people remain unemployed, which is why our country’s economic condition keeps getting worse. In order for an economy to be successful, and employment to reach a favorable level, people not only need to focus on gaining a better education but it is the government’s and agencies’ task to alert them about diversifying their education. If an economy has too many doctors and fewer entrepreneurs, it might have good health care, but it will not have innovation and new ideas to earn profit in the economy. If there are a lot of Business students, there will be more unemployed business graduates because the economy only needs so many people from a certain field. What the people, and especially students need to do in this country is diversify in their fields of study and not pursue a certain track because sooner or later that will change and another field will be more in demand. If there is a good balance of people in all the fields, there will be fewer problems like saturation and unemployment in the country, at least for those who have worked hard to gain a quality education. What this article serves to prove and warn is not only why unemployment persists in our economy and why it is bad, but also to show our people that having a uni-dimensional mindset regarding education are not going to help this problem in any way. People need to broaden their visions and understand that there is more to look for in a certain field than its current boom or decline. No skill is expendable and we should work and study our best in order to help our country come out of the quagmire it finds itself in at present. Another reason why Pakistan continues to be at the bottom of the employment statistics is because of its prevailing security situation. It affects Pakistan in a number of evident ways. The volatile law and order situation by discourages international and even local investment in the country. Due to this lack of investment, there are lesser businesses in the...
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