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Richard Holl
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It is fitting that the last page I add to this  blog is  relationships.  No man or woman is an island even if they choose to live like a hermit.  There are two relationships no one can avoid. The first is between you and the universe or if you prefer, your environment. The second is between your sense of self and your sense of others and other things which is sometimes referred to as our spirit. In most cases, when I use the term spirit it refers to our unique form of energy that continues on after the death of our physical bodies.  For those of you who are atheists and reading this, it is totally within reason to believe we have a sense of others and other things and there is no God or no spirit that lives beyond physical death.

If you chose to believe that our sense of others and other things begins and ends with the birth and death of the human body, by all means please do. No one can tell you otherwise until we prove a spirit exists after physical death.  When we do prove it those who are atheists will accept the new found information far faster than western religion will accept reincarnation. Look how long it has taken for Christianity to accept the possibility of evolution even if it is by God’s hands.  Theistic evolution still is not accepted by the fundamentalist churches of the world.

Aside from existentialist views that everything is an illusion, no one  questions their relationship to their environment which is  the  universe. Most spend very little time studying it. The overwhelming  presence of  most of it, we can do nothing about. If we could not see starlight we would not have known of  it’s existence until we discovered radio.  Stop and think about what the world would be like today if we could not see the light from the stars.  There is no real reason why we should be able to see it. The photons that light up our night sky have no effect on us or this planet or do they?

Obviously celestial navigation would not have been possible which would have had a huge impact on early exploration but we don’t need starlight for things  to grow or cause atmospheric changes or ocean currents. I don’t know how many people know this but the human eye is capable of resolving a single photon of light which also happens to be the smallest particle we know of.  I did not say sub particle.   That should make most people curious. It does make a few pursue physics as a career.

Since we can see the smallest particle in the universe that is produced by distant stars, there is  no way we can deny we  do have a relationship with  the universe whether we spend  a lot of time thinking about  it or  studying it. It should be studied more. I hope to accomplish that in the lifetime I have remaining. I hope I can inspire others to do the same. There are answers there. We do not have to take everything on faith.

When we go to bed and wake up in the morning  we can’t see starlight  but we  can see the environment  we  live in and the two are related. The asteroid  that  created the Gulf of Mexico and annihilated the dinosaurs didn’t fall out of our sky.  We haven't done a real good job of taking care of the environment we live in. As we gain the skills needed to travel from one solar system to the next, hopefully we will become better stewards of  all environments.

I don’t expect anyone other than the scientists, who dedicate themselves to trying to understand the universe and the environment we live in, to pay any attention to the one relationship none of us can ever be free from in our current form but our life on this planet could be made a lot easier if we did.  Relationships that are largely ignored rarely work out.

Now for the second relationship we all have to deal with  during our physical life or lives, our sense of self and our sense of others and other things.  All that we can be...
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