Human Behavior in Organization

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Human Behavior in Organization
H – Human
B – Behavior (acts of cognitive mind; experiences in the past) O – Organization (2 or more people with common purpose/ideas/objectives) Organizational BehaviorPurpose: improve organization’s EFFECTIVENESS * Individual behavior

* Group behavior
* Firm (organization)
Human – behaves on his own & behaves differently when he is in a group OB – field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure (organizational structure) have on the behavior within the organization Purpose: applying such knowledge towards improving that organization’s effectiveness

Firm – separate & distinct personality; individual or group Table of Organization (TO) – it is an organizational structure that has: policies, rules & regulations, and procedures Procedures – how will you process yourself into something; step by step process

Application / Opportunities of OB
1. Responding to globalization – improvement of something

2. Employees --> not all the same
Employees --> not all the same
Managing workforce diversity – workforce & diversity

3. Improving quality and productivity
Productivity – ability to do many things in a given time
Quality – positive attributes (durable, reliability, aesthetics, appealing to the eye, service ability, criteria, and specifications) Conforms to specifications = product with quality

Quality conformity to specifications
Doing something at the right time & place & action
Doing something at the right time & place & action

4. Improving customer service
SATISFIED – we should be satisfied by their service
Effect/output: your customers will come back.

5. Improving people skills
OB helps identify who are bad and good employees
COMPETENCY – good/adequate

6. Empowering people
Empowerment (limited authority)
-the authority of one is empowered
Ex. Manager is empowered to change your order that fell on the floor

7. Stimulating innovation & change
Change + Innovation (new)

8. Helping employees balance work/life conflicts
Time management – meditate

9. Improving ethical behavior
Ethics – social (group of people/society) attitude towards what is right or wrong *depends on what group you belong to

Intuition VS Systematic Study
Intuition – or those we refer to as “gut feeling” about why people do what they do and makes than “tick”

Systematic Study – refers to looking at relationships attempting to attribute causes and effects and basing conclusions or scientific evidence -That is on data gathered under controlled conditions and measured and interpreted in a thorough manner -Data gathered

-Scientific study & basis

Scope of the OB Field
- psychology-sociology
- social psychology- anthropology
- political science

- psychology-sociology
- social psychology- anthropology
- political science

OB being an applied behavioral science is built on a number of contributing behavioral discipline such as:

Psychology – measure, explain, and change the behavior of humans/animals Sociology – study of people in relation to their fellow human beings Social Psychology – a blend of psychology and sociology that focuses on the influence of people on one another Anthropology – study of societies to learn about humans and their activities

Foundations for Individual Behavior
Biographical characteristics-variables that impact employee productivity, absence, turnover, and satisfaction -these are personal characteristics such as age, gender, and marital status -that are objective and easily obtained from personal records Employee Turnover – number of persons resigning and entering

Reason: they do not stay in your company too long; they resign or quit easily Biographical Characteristics
1. AGE
-belief that job performance declines with increasing age
Younger workers are absent from work more often than older...
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