Organizational Behavior

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Management & OB

Management & OB

The Case - Arctic Mining Consultants
The Case - Arctic Mining Consultants

Table of Content

Introduction P4 Case P4 Leadership P6 Autocratic Style P6 Task Function P6 Solution of leadership P7 Motivation

Two factors theory
Equity Theory
Expectancy theory

Parker’s team had eight days to finish their job with four people a group. But finally they cannot get the job done on time and had conflict with the group mate. In this essay, I will estimate the case and identify the problems in the first part and in the second half I will suggest some solutions to improve the outcome and solve the problems in the case. This paper will focus on the leadership and the motivation of Parkers team. I believe if Parker can be a good leader, the problems will be solved and get the job done on time. The Case

At the first day, Parker’s team arrive the camp site and setup the camp. Parker planned to finish seven and a half lengths for each people per day. In order to get the work done on time, all group members must complete their own work each day. And they all know that there were cash bonuses $300 for each people if they finish the total fifty lengths on time. At the second day, Parker was not pleased with Millar's or Boyce's production. They both got six lengths only, but Parker did not mansion about it. The third day, Parker exploded with anger toward Millar and Boyce. Parker believes that the reason of bad result in working is they both lazy. At night, Talbot suggests to exchange the working area but reject by Parker. He insists if they work harder, there is easy to achieve the seven and a half-length per day. The fourth day, Millar and Boyce both did better but still cannot reach the agreement. Parker grunted uncommunicatively. The fifth day, Millar and Boyce got six lengths only. This time Parker scold Millar only, Millar explain that he had try his best and no lunch and didn’t know how to do better. At that night, Millar was unhappy and want to quit this job. The next day, Millar did very well. He got eight and a quarter lengths, which was the most productive in the group. But Parker remain silent, he did not mansion about the result at night. The seventh day, Millar back to six lengths again Boyce finish five lengths. But Parker only gets anger with Millar and said Millar letting the team down. Parker found that they have to complete thirty four lengths in order to get the job done. The eighth day morning, Parker instructed everyone must finish eight lengths. Besides, people have to go to help the others while they finish their part. Parker picks up the rest of lengths to finish. During noon, Millar found he has only finish with three lengths. He thought he would not be able to finish anyway, and he predicts Boyce will get same with him. He foresees that they cannot get the bonus. But he can earn one more day’s salary, so he designed to slow down his work. At that night, everyone finish their part expect Millar. He only finished five and a half lengths, because he designed to slow down in the afternoon. There are still two and a half lengths not yet done, and they have to finish in the next morning.

Table 1
| Millar|...
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