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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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huella online travel
huella online travel

Ans 1)
Management problems:-
* To ease consumers concerns regarding online travel purchases * To increase Huella’s market share in Hong Kong
* To ensure sustainability and growth in the business in terms of profitability

Research problems:-
* What are the general trends and buying behaviour of Hong Kong consumers towards travel and vacations (specifically online travel)? * What is the degree of awareness of the Huella brand among the consumers in Hong Kong? * How do the people perceive the Huella brand and its services in comparison with the competitors? * Who all are the major competitors and what are the distinguished services being offered by them?

Information that Huella needs to achieve its goals:-
* Which mode of information/advertisement will have a faster and desired effect in the minds of the potential users to be attracted towards Huella’s services? * Which deals/offers are more appealing to the consumers i.e. what their desires are? * Identification of the actual and potential users of online travel portal * Internet connectivity and its speed

* Concerns and safety issues of the consumers

Ans 2) Research Proposal
A) Sampling
* Sampling units:-each of the member that forms the sample i.e. current and potential users of online travel portal * Sample size:-400-500
* Sample structure:-people who are frequent travellers or those having internet connectivity with desire to travel in future * Sampling method:-stratified random sampling( strata based on the income levels and frequency of the travels) through questionnaire filling -offline or online

B) Methodology
* Research technique:-Causal research is required because we need to arrive at quantitative aspects pertaining to the effects of independent variable over dependent variable depicted by the qualitative research already done. * Paired variables:-

Independent variable|...
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