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A hotel’s front office plays a large in promoting the hotel’s specialties and services. Suggestive selling has the potential to generate a great deal of revenue for the various departments. Some guests may not even be aware that the hotel offers certain services. The front office staff could give restaurant menus, salon services pamphlets, or room service menus. When checking guest in to the hotel employees could ask “would you like to make an appointment for a facial in our full-service salon,’ or “would you like to make dinner reservations for one of our restaurants.” Even asking guest if they would like a bottle of wine or champagne sent to their room can be a great way to increase sales. Many guests will turn down the offer but there are also some that would happily receive the offer.

When generating a hotel sales strategy the heads of each department should be present for brainstorming. The lines of communication should be completely open for collaboration process to be the most effective. For instance, the hotel salon and restaurant could generate a marketing plan that will increase sales for both departments. Perhaps offering a 10% off coupon redeemable at the hotel restaurant when a guest purchases a cut and color at the hotel salon. Department managers will also be able to identify what policies and protocols are helping to boost sales in each department. Even thought the departments are different there may be policies that could apply to more than one.

Front office sales increase a hotel’s bottom line by generating cash flow and maximizing each departments earning potential. Increasing sales will make it much easier for the hotel to meet their projected labor expenses. I know form working in the restaurant business that labor allowances are based on sales and volume. The higher the sales the higher the labor allowances.

I have noticed that there are a lot of push-button handicapped door openers. The only place I remember them when I was...
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