Hsm220-Week7-Personnel Profile

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HSM/220 – Week 7 Checkpoint – Personnel Profile Plan
There are several steps an organization should take in order to change its personnel profile and there are different ways in performing this change. First and foremost what needs to be done is to project personnel needs. In projecting personnel needs the company or human resource department depending on the size of the organization, would design a profile of job expectations and qualifications for each position. This will give the company a tool to project vacancies and current staff demographics.

The second step would be to develop a plan for achieving the desired personnel profile. In this step there are many different smaller steps and goals to achieve the ultimate goal. There are changes that need to be made internally such as; changing the organizational structure, changing the job design, using human resources to make personnel changes (performance appraisals, career planning, new positions), and using internal options with integrity (meaning that change is needed and not being manipulated).

The third step in changing a personnel profile is implementing changes necessary to achieve the plan’s goals and objectives. In this step the human resources department should have their goals and objectives documented and their activities should be written out in full detail.

In the final step monitor and evaluate the effects of change one should think this would be a self-explanatory rule however, in any company or organization when implementing new rules and making significant changes the company as a whole should want the progress monitored and this is why human resources have ways of collecting data and information in order to monitor and evaluate any effects the changes have had if any.
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